Chapter 213: Invitation

Chapter 213: Invitation
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"What do you know? My deductions are never wrong. What a bunch of useless idiots you people are! Keep investigating her for me." Hanging up, Su Yu laid on the bed with a complicated look in his eyes.

His attitude towards Huo Mian was quite unusual. What peaked his interest wasn't their fights at the hospital but her background. Upon investigation, he found out that Huo Mian's story was not pleasant. She had a younger brother, mother, and a stepfather who had already passed away. Her biological father's identity is a mystery. Someone as simple as her caused an internet outrage a while ago, but the tides suddenly turned and Huo Mian was proven innocent almost immediately, establishing a new selfless angel-like image. Something of this magnitude couldn't have been done by a hospital without deep connections. In addition, Huo Mian was not involved with the hospital director Wu Zhongxing, which made it even more strange.

What kind of powerful party was silently helping an ordinary woman like Huo Mian?

Back when he saw the news on TV, Su Yu already guessed that the nurse had a complicated background.

However, after getting to know her, he discovered that she was also a very eccentric woman...

Everything surrounding Huo Mian piqued Su Yu's interest, and he wanted to get to know her more.

Things were becoming more and more interesting...

Huo Mian's refusal to be Su Yu's personal nurse became breaking news at South Side Recuperation Center.

At lunch in the cafeteria, Huo Mian was singled out in everyone's eyes and became the target of finger-pointing...

"Look, you're already at the center of the spotlight at our hospital." Nannan covered her mouth and laughed.

Huo Mian did not speak; she lowered her head and quietly ate her food.

She was already very lowkey, but she still couldn't avoid being the subject of discussion wherever she went.

Huo Mian wasn't sure why that was the case; it was as if everything was predestined.

"Huo Mian, are you really not going to take care of Su Yu?"

"Mhm," facing Nannan's inquisition, Huo Mian only grunted in response.

"But won't you regret it if you miss this opportunity? Although Young Master Su's temper isn't the best, being his personal nurse is the dream of all the nurses at South Side. Do you know how many nurses envy, admire, and hate you?"

"If they want to do it, they can. Why would they be jealous, envious, and resentful?"

"Nonsense, they all went, but do you think Young Master Su approved any of them? Young Master Su treats you pretty well. You've administered so many shots for him, and he never got angry with you. What's your secret?" Nannan curiously asked.

Huo Mian's face filled with helplessness as she finished her food. She looked at the younger girl in front of her and said, "I really don't have any secrets."

"Oh… Then maybe it's your technique! You're so good that your injections don't hurt. Huo Mian, please teach me. I want to learn from you."

"Please, that's the most basic thing. Didn't you learn it in medical school?" Huo Mian found it both funny and sad.

Nannan had been a nurse for a while already, but she wanted to learn how to give shots from Huo Mian. Huo Mian really wondered if she paid attention in medical school. Why didn't she know the most basic skills, and why would South Side hire her? Was it just because she was pretty?

"Yeah, I learned it, but it's a different case for Young Master Su. He's harder to deal with. Please, Huo Mian."

Unable to resist Nannan's begging, Huo Mian taught her some injection techniques after taking care of the old man in room 2.

The girl was also pushing it, and she used her own arm for practice. It was filled with pinpricks by the end of that afternoon.

After work as she was driving home, Huo Mian's phone suddenly rang...

She looked at it and left it ringing, because the caller was Ning Zhiyuan.

Three minutes later, she got a text that read, "Huo Mian, I'm getting married to Wu Xiaoxue on the 17th of next month. The ceremony will be held at 9 AM, and the venue will be the third floor of the Shengjing Hotel. Remember to come that day."