Chapter 2129: Foolish Fantasies (20)

"Sorry, but I can't, Mian. You know how the Americans don't celebrate Chinese New Year's. Instead, they celebrate Christmas, so during Chinese New Year, my daddy is especially busy… If both of us are in China, then GK Headquarters would probably go berserk. Maybe if Chu goes there for me, then… Haha…" Qin Ning teased.

"Umm…" Huo Mian was in a rather awkward position.

"What's the matter? Are you going to miss your husband?" Qin Ning continued to tease her.

"Auntie, you can't tease my mommy! She's an honest person. Targeting her is a shameless person's actions!" Little Bean protested.

"Hey you, why can't you be on my side?"

"Fine, but if we compare Auntie and Mommy, I'm on mommy's side…" Little Bean was firm on her stance.

"You really hurt my heart… Give me back my American dollars…" Qin Ning put out her hand.

"American dollars? My sister and I already bought the Versace belt for Handsome Su. If you want it back, you'd have to ask Handsome Su. Maybe you can snatch it off him. It might be easier that way…" Everyone in the family was already used to how dirty Little Bean talked.

Qin Ning immediately blushed. 

"Wow, your face is so red. So Auntie, do you like Handsome Su?" Little Bean continued to pressure Qin Ning.

"Little Bean, don't say that to Auntie. Instead, you should ask her if she's that desperate to snatch that belt off Handsome Su." Pudding's words were even worse compared to Little Bean's.

"... Big Brother, hurry up and teach those girls of yours a lesson…" Qin Ning put her hands on her face, looking embarrassed.

"My daughters are spectacular!" Qin Chu was very proud of how shameless they were.

Qin Ning: "…"

Huo Mian: "Haha, I agree with you, Honey."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This family of yours is so weird! All of you are just ganging up on me, the outsider… Let me just go to a corner and cry…" Maybe Qin Ning was so embarrassed that she ran upstairs. Her face was red and she used her hands to cover it the whole time.

Meanwhile, the twins continued to eat their dinner as if nothing happened.

Yang Meirong was upstairs fixing the beds while Zhixin was out with colleagues.

If they were there too, Qin Ning would probably be so embarrassed that she would want to shoot herself.

"Pudding, how's your investment portfolio doing?" Qin Chu started talking about finance with his daughter.

"Not bad."

"Not bad eh? So you're earning some money?" Qin Chu raised an eyebrow and asked. Then he started chuckling.

"Daddy, when Pudding says not bad, it means she made over a million this week… Otherwise, she wouldn't say 'not bad'," Little Bean explained.

"Wow… Did the stock market fluctuate that much this week?" Qin Chu asked.


"Which stock?" Qin Chu asked out of curiosity.

Huo Mian also paid attention because she and Qin Chu had a portfolio of their own.

However, they didn't invest that much since they weren't professional traders.

"Huo Corporation," Pudding said calmly as she popped a fishball in her mouth.

"What? Huo Corporation? Which Huo Corporation?" Huo Mian was shocked.

"Mommy, does eating hotpot make you stupid? How can you ask which Huo Corporation? How many Huo Corporations are there out there?" Pudding gazed at Huo Mian with a concerned look.

"So you're talking about Huo Siqian's company?" Huo Mian almost couldn't believe what she heard.

Pudding nodded. "Yeah. There was a lot of negative news about Huo Corporation just a while back right? Because of that, the public felt insecure with the company so they sold a lot of their stock and pushed down the stock price… I thought it was trading at a great discount so I bought some shares…"

"Aren't you afraid you'd lose money? After all, Huo Corporation's stock price has been declining quite a lot…" Qin Chu asked Pudding with a serious look on his face.