Chapter 2127: Foolish Fantasies (18)

Ni Yang wrote, "Have you ever heard of the Buddhist saying, 'Life is limited so why are you in such a rush to do evil? What happened in the past is in the past. All I want is to be a good person."

He inserted a picture of a young training Buddhist monk. 

His Buddhist comment received a lot of praise from the public.

The past that Yingzi exposed was the past after all. In Ni Yang's fans' eyes, he was a strong person who could endure pain.

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Ni Yang gained much support by reposting Huo Mian's post and adding his own comments.

All of a sudden, the public was supporting Huo Mian's side by a landslide.

"Brother Ni Yang, we will support you forever. Love you! Hang in there!"

"Karma is a thing. God will reward those who are kind. Let's all be good people with no regrets!"

"Big Brother Ni Yang! President Su and Huo Mian have really helped slap that b*tch!"

"I never expected Yingzi to be such a b*tch. I'm so mad now!" 

"Ni Yang, no matter who you decide to follow, we will be by your side forever. We will support you! The sun will always shine on you!" 

Yingzi did not release any comments. 

She understood that whatever she does would be useless because the other side had so much evidence to back them up. Also, Huo Mian had garnered support from many influential people.

Ni Yang's response was greeted with applause, which further supported Huo Mian's stance.

"Sister Yingzi, what should we do now?" The staff in her studio were all rattled.

"I'll have to go somewhere and hide for a while. I'm scared that those crazy fans of Ni Yang will do something crazy against me…" Yingzi was someone that had been through a lot of storms in her life, but she was terrified right now.

She quickly left her studio and drove home. She immediately packed her suitcase so that she could go abroad to hide.

However, before she could even leave her estate, she was stopped by the police.

"Are you Ms. Liu Mingying?"

"Yes, I am."

"We are the city police. We have just received a report saying you committed extortion. We currently have no evidence but we will conduct further investigation. However, in the meantime, can you cooperate with us and not leave the city?"

"I have something urgent to attend to. I'm only going out… I'm not escaping…" Yingzi looked very pale.

"Then can you please come with us. If you are innocent, the court will serve you justice."

Just like that, Yingzi was brought back to the police station. Her attempt to leave the city failed.

The very next day, all media outlets had headlines like this: Ex-manager of Ni Yang Slanders him to Blackmail Tons of Money; President Su of Imperial Star Entertainment Calls for Justice!

Su Yu's stance was firm. Yingzi's case was now ongoing.

No one cared about Ni Yang's romantic relationship or his past right now. All they cared about was how this case was going to go. Yingzi had done many evil deeds, including suppressing and unfairly cutting salaries for less well-known celebrities.

After her morning meeting, Huo Mian returned to her office and read the message Su Yu sent her on WeChat.

"Thank you Doctor Huo for that wonderful strike last night. We have achieved a grand victory."

"Thank you, President Su. It was all because you helped. Also, those reposts by stars helped a lot. Celebrities are huge influencers. With everyone's work, we were able to get the optimal result. I really need to thank you and your staff for the help."