Chapter 2126: Foolish Fantasies (17)

Huo Mian uploaded the video of the clip she uploaded earlier, which just had the audio.

Now, with the whole clip online, it was really a big slap to Yingzi's face as she was caught red-handed for lying as well.

Huo Mian posted the following with her video:

I didn't directly post the video because I wanted to see if Yingzi regretted her actions. I did this because Ni Yang had been following her for quite some time so I wanted to give her a chance. After all, we shouldn't discredit everything she had done for Ni Yang. However, from the looks of it, I was just being too nice. Not only did she show no apologetic signs, but she is also denying any involvement. Moreover, she is blaming me for everything. Feel free to have professional data analysts analyze this clip to see if it has been edited. Of course, some people will still say I am despicable because I secretly filmed this. However, if she didn't get greedy and want 100 million yuan or say bad things about Ni Yang, then my filming would have been unnecessary. I believe God is watching us. Persisting in doing evil deeds brings about self-destruction. She had said that I was framing and slandering her. Fine. Even if you're not after me now, I will be after you. After all, you said you wanted 100 million yuan, so isn't that extortion?"

In a very short amount of time after Huo Mian posted her video, she gained thousands of comments and likes.

All of Huo Mian's fans were excited, the giant face slap of the century was indeed satisfying to watch.

"Goddess Mian, I love you. I'm going to give you 32 likes. I knew you had proof! Great work!"

"Sister Mian, thanks for helping Ni Yang so much. Time reveals a person's true intentions! We know who's good and who's bad to him. It's disgusting how some people treat him just like a money-making machine!"

"Let's see what that b*tch Yingzi has to say about this!" 

"Our Goddess Mian's so smart… It's so exhilarating to watch!" 

"Doctor Huo, didn't people say that people will be stupid for three years after giving birth? Why are you still so smart? Haha…"

When Huo Mian read this comment, she burst into laughter. She even responded to it, "My kids are 3 years old now so I passed that stupid mom phase."

"As an IT professional, I can affirm that this video has not been edited. It's 100% authentic with no trace of being edited."

"Let's wait to see how that b*tch responds…"

Ten minutes after Huo Mian posted the video, Su Yu simply retweeted it. He did not add any additional comments. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

One simple act signified Imperial Star Entertainment's stance.

Imperial Star Entertainment's official account and Ni Yang's current manager both retweeted Huo Mian's post. Then Imperial Star Entertainment's artists also retweeted it.

Ni Yang's inner circle retweeted it as well. Also, people like Jiang Xiaowei and Tang Chuan, who were of the upper society, also retweeted it.

Gao Ran did it the best because Gao Ran was officially verified as C City's Director of Public Security on Weibo.

Anything he reposted was credible.

"Wow, I haven't seen Director Gao active for a long time. Goddess Huo sure is incredible."

"Let's see how that b*tch dies!"

Half an hour later, a well-known media channel posted an explosive piece about Yingzi's studio.

A lot of artists revealed that Yingzi's studio pushed down salaries and even threatened and blackmailed them. Because they weren't A-list celebrities, they were taken advantage of but still didn't dare to stand up for themselves. But what Huo Mian did gave enough courage for them to speak up. 

A few other less well-known celebrities used their official accounts on Weibo to recount their grudges with Yingzi's studio.

A few female models even complained that they were forced to have sex with executives after signing their contract with Yingzi.

This created a huge discussion in a short amount of time.

40 minutes later, Ni Yang signed into his Weibo and retweeted Huo Mian's post.

What he wrote was extremely deep in essence.