Chapter 2124: Foolish Fantasies (15)

"My plan is that we don't pay for the doors and windows…"

Qin Chu was briefly at a loss for words… 

"Honey, stop joking around. If we don't put the windows and doors in, are our customers just going to sleep in the open at night?" Qin Chu said as he stuffed some hotpot meat in his mouth.

"Hear me out first. My plan is that we don't put the doors and windows on. Instead, we sell for cheaper prices, a price that's friendly to the ordinary citizens. Then, the customers of the condo project in Linnan can buy their own windows and doors. Psychologically speaking, the customers will think that since they got the unit for cheaper than what they originally intended to pay, the apartment not having windows or doors would be fine. We also won't be plagued with negative news since there will no longer be a delay and the Linnan condos would even gain a good reputation for its people-friendly prices…" Huo Mian slowly articulated her plan.

Qin Chu listened attentively. He nodded in agreement and said, "I understand what you mean. For us, pushing the prices down and installing windows and doors cost us the same amount of money, but public perception will be different. If we lowered the prices, then they wouldn't care as much about the windows and doors. Sales will go up, and they would definitely buy a window and door package that suits their budget after they buy the units. But if we installed the windows and doors while maintaining the same price for the units, our sales might be down due to the delay. We might even lose future expansion opportunities in Linnan as well."

"Yes, that's the plan." Huo Mian nodded.

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with respect. "Doctor Huo, you sure are smart."

"You're just saying that… It's nothing really. I didn't save any money for the company… Even if we sell the units cheaper, we're not profiting."

"But we would be able to regain our reputation…" Qin Chu added.

"Yes, that's why I think this plan is feasible."

"Of course it's feasible. It's decided then! Ugh, what should I do? My wife is now a doctor but she still deals with company matters. Why do you have to make me look so useless and disgraceful?" Qin Chu teased.

"I'm just the wife that supports you, the woman behind your back… Haha… I won't say another word then if you don't want me to…" Huo Mian smiled.

"No, you have to help me. Do as you please. The whole world is yours. I'll give you whatever that is mine that you want…" Qin Chu had unintentionally confessed his love to Huo Mian, which made Huo Mian feel sweet like sugar.

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When they drove home, it was already 9:30 PM.

Pudding and Little Bean were watching television with Qin Ning. Huo Mian glanced at what they were watching: it was one of the most popular reality television shows recently.

Pudding and Little Bean had given up on cartoons a long time ago because they thought it was childish.

They didn't watch SpongeBob or Peppa Bear because they didn't like them.

"Babies, still not going to bed yet?" Qin Chu went over and sat in between the twins. 

"What did you have for dinner?" Huo Mian took off her coat and walked over.

The twins continued to focus on their show and ignored their parents' questions.

"Sis, look how great Big Brother Lu is… I'm his super fan! I should go tell Handsome Su to sign Lu over to Imperial Star Entertainment, and then when I grow up, I can marry him…" Little Bean said while chewing bubble gum.

"Then you're missing out. Big Brother Lu is in his 20s now. When you grow up, he'd be in his 40s. He won't be young and fresh anymore. Rather, he'd be like your uncle. Are you sure you would want to marry him then?" Pudding analyzed calmly.

"Hey you two, stop! You shouldn't always talk about marrying, okay? This is too serious of a problem for you two to consider now. I'm not even married yet!" Qin Ning protested.

"What's going on? Why are they ignoring us?" Huo Mian realized her daughters were ignoring her and Qin Chu.