Chapter 2122: Foolish Fantasies (13)

"Psh… Jie admires you so much that she wouldn't be jealous of you… I'm famous and she doesn't even admire me… I think you're the person she's aiming to become. If you didn't give her a chance, Jie would not have been able to become your assistant at South Side. After all, she's just an ordinary girl that came from the village. We wouldn't even be able to meet if it weren't for you… You are our savior!" 

"Okay, okay… I get it. We're way past the stage to be so polite… As long as you two are getting married, leave the rest to me. I'll deal with the things in China. By the time you come back, everything would be over."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Thanks, Sis. You also need to prepare a large red pocket for me because I'm going to announce my marriage as soon as I get back."

Ni Yang seemed to be in a good mood. He seemed to be enjoying himself on his vacation. Huo Mian felt that she made the right decision giving Chen Jie a vacation.

"No problem. Now your sis's bank account is loaded. I don't lack money, hahaha…"

After the call, Huo Mian returned to her busy work.

That day, she got off work on time. It was a very rare thing that she had no overtime. She called GK and found out Qin Chu had to do overtime.

She decided that she would drive over to GK Corporation to pick Qin Chu up from work.

When the employees at GK Corporation saw Huo Mian, they all showed respect.

"Hello, President Huo."

"Good evening, President Huo."

While she walked around GK, the employees there all greeted Huo Mian warmly.

Huo Mian nodded and smiled back.

Outside the CEO's office, she could hear Qin Chu's deep voice. 

He was scolding a subordinate inside.

Huo Mian opened the door so there would be a crack where she could peek and see what was going on inside. She found five department managers inside and Qin Chu was scolding them.

"What's the matter? Why is Chu so mad?" Huo Mian asked Yang in a quiet voice.

"President Huo, you're here just in time! Please save us. That condo development at Linnan was delayed by a lot. We can't give the customers their units on time and the customers are making a big fuss about this. The media interviewed President Qin today and they asked him about this. After investigating, he found out that all the departments were responsible for the delay so he's furious now..." 

"Linnan? Shouldn't we have already handed over the units already?" Huo Mian remembered this project. Half a year ago, she had gone to the south to inspect and everything was going smoothly.

*Sighs* "Apparently, the director of that project lost a lot of money gambling in Macau so he used the company's funds. Then he used his position and power to make us pay in advance… Since we had worked with him before, we felt everything would be fine and all the departments approved of giving him the money. Even though it wasn't a large sum of money, that person used all the money for gambling. He even borrowed money from private lenders. Worse yet, he used our condos as collateral. Not only our company but the banks in Linnan and private lenders are all affected… Although the law is on our side, the construction at that project stopped because he ran away… We don't know where he is now and he owes the construction workers a lot of money… He made a mess and damaged our reputation there and now the condo project can't be finished on time." 

"Oh wow… Is it that bad? Where are we now in the project?" Huo Mian asked, sounding very concerned.

"We're at the final step. We just need to put on the windows and doors and we can hand the apartments over."

"Oh, okay. I understand now." Huo Mian nodded as she knew what she should do.

Huo Mian pushed open the door and she saw how terrifying Qin Chu looked.

But when Qin Chu saw Huo Mian, his eyes immediately softened.

"Honey, are you off work already?"