Chapter 2120: Foolish Fantasies (11)

Yingzi had never thought that Huo Mian would record their conversation when they negotiated. "That b*tch! How dare she trick me…"

She was betting on the fact that Huo Mian loved her little brother so much that she would give her 100 million yuan.

To Huo Mian, who was filthy rich, 100 million yuan wasn't a lot of money. A lot of rich people would rather use the money to buy themselves security.

Never did Yingzi expect Huo Mian to be so extreme.

Yingzi was furious…

Yingzi logged onto her Weibo and issued a statement: 

Due to the recent audio clip published, I am making the following response: The voice in that audio is not me. It is obviously an edited clip. Although Ni Yang and I do not work with each other anymore, I will not do anything to harm him. Please do not continue spreading fake news nor practice cyberbullying. I am innocent and I hope that the slander against me can stop! I have also contacted my lawyer about someone's fake audio. Thank you.

Netizens held a huge discussion in the comments section.

"Sister Yingzi, you had always been the person helping Brother Ni Yang rise to the top. We'll be deeply hurt if it was you… Please tell me that isn't you."

"The audio was posted by GK's President Huo. Why would someone so rich and powerful want to frame you? Why don't you just admit that it was you? If you don't want people to find out, don't do it."

"Waiting for the truth to be told. If you did hurt Ni Yang, then you're a true b*tch."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"100 million yuan isn't a small amount. Are you going to use that money to buy yourself a nice coffin?"

"Thank you for helping Ni Yang throughout his career. Now that you guys are not working together, please do not slander him. We have witnessed his hard work throughout these years. Thank you…"

"Waiting for the fight. It looks like there's going to be a great show!"

"Isn't Brother Ni Yang abroad now? If it was really you, he'd be so sad…"

"Sister Yingzi, I support you. I believe you're not that type of person. Huo Mian probably was framed by someone else."

Yingzi had affirmed that the audio was edited and that voice was not hers.

So people were also split on their opinions of whether it was actually her in the tape. 

Huo Mian had just finished her lunch and returned to her office. Then, the phone rang with a call from Su Yu. 

"Everyone on the internet is talking about you. Just as you said, that woman denied it was her, so the discussion is only getting bigger and bigger. When are you going to post the other part?"

"There's no rush. I'm going to let the balloon expand a bit more before I pop it!" Huo Mian casually replied. 

"That's the Doctor Huo I know… Why don't you quit as a doctor and come lead our PR team?"

"Nah, that's boring. I rather help patients recuperate than creating gossip in the entertainment industry… Don't try to take away the fun in my life," Huo Mian chuckled.

"You're speaking so greatly of yourself… Ugh… Now even I want to get into the medical industry. Why don't I sell Imperial Star Entertainment tomorrow and open up a hospital?"

"So you can do anything with money, eh? Forget the hospital and just do your job, President Su…"

"When you send the last part tonight, message me on WeChat. I'll take care of the rest."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded and they hung up.

Right then, Ni Yang sent Huo Mian an audio WeChat message.

"Sis, we're at Bali. The air is fresh. Why don't you come over when you have time to relax."

"Uhm, I love islands! I'll come with my family for a vacation when I finish work before New Year's."

"Sis, I read the news… Is that audio real? Did Sister Yingzi really do those things and also try to extort you for 100 million yuan?"