Chapter 2119: Foolish Fantasies (10)

Huo Mian went into Mo Xue'er's patient room and saw her in there.

She had seen Mo Xue'er around the hospital because she had stayed there for a few days already.

She looked very lively and would even give signatures to doctors and nurses.

Just in one night's time, Mo Xue'er had changed drastically. Now, it seemed as if she had lost her soul.

When Huo Mian opened the door, she saw Mo Xue'er sitting by the window smoking. Her hair was left loose and she looked very weak.

Huo Mian walked over, grabbed Mo Xue'er's cigarette, and threw it to the ground. Then she stomped on it.

"You are at a hospital. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Please be considerate of not only your own health but also that of others!" Huo Mian lectured.

Mo Xue'er turned over to Huo Mian and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm doomed…"

"What's the matter? What happened?" Huo Mian looked concerned. 

"Huo Siqian came last night…"

"And?" Huo Mian asked.

Mo Xue'er briefly told Huo Mian what happened last night. With a bitter smile, she said, "I know I'm doomed. Huo Siqian won't forgive me… He was too gentle to me, and I know it's a sign, like the calm before the storm… I'm doomed..."

"I already warned you but you didn't listen…" Huo Mian looked at her calmly.

"No. I've gone too far. There's no turning back now. Huo Mian, let's team-up. He's our mutual enemy. Remember how he wanted to hurt you? Remember how he almost killed your husband? Remember how he kidnapped you when you were pregnant? He's a devil! As long as he's alive, we're both doomed…"

"Huo Siqian is my enemy but I will not do evil with you," Huo Mian said calmly.

"Bullsh*t! Doing evil with me? No, we're cooperating. Without me, you won't be able to deal with him! As long as I testify that he wasn't with me the night Song Yishi died… As long as I testify… Also, there's Wang Shasha… I'm pretty sure she's dead even though they haven't found her body yet… Huo Siqian was the one behind all these murders! He must have left something behind! We can work together and beat him... Otherwise, we'd be the ones doomed..."

"No, not us… Only you are doomed…" Huo Mian said calmly.

"Hehe… You think Huo Siqian will leave you and your family alone? It's true that he loves you so he won't hurt you. But what about your husband? And your daughters? Are you absolutely sure that Huo Siqian won't put his hands on them?" Mo Xue'er tried to provoke Huo Mian.

"Even if he does try to hurt them, I will protect my family… I will not get involved in the heist between you and Huo Siqian. You are a patient now. If you asked me to come here to discuss your health, I am more than happy to do so… However, if you want to discuss personal matters, then I am sorry but I will not get involved…" Then, Huo Mian turned away and left.

No matter what Mo Xue'er said, Huo Mian would not believe her.

Mo Xue'er was a calculating woman so she could betray you any second.

Mo Xue'er was now in an even more devastating state after Huo Mian rejected her proposal.

She could no longer sleep. She took a lot of pills and at noon, she demanded to be discharged from the hospital.

Apparently, she called President Xiang to send someone to pick her up.

At noon, Huo Mian took the time to sort out her files and upload it, creating a huge discussion on the internet.

Huo Mian had recorded the conversation with Yingzi yesterday and published it. Now everyone knew Yingzi was the one behind all this.

Yingzi's Weibo began to be bombarded with slanders, and the staff at her studio were all panicking...

"Sister Yingzi, what should we do now?" her assistant asked her with a concerned face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.