Chapter 2096: Career or Woman? (7)

"Isn't it obvious? I can just think with my butt to know that Uncle Jing is courting her…" Pudding glanced at Little Bean with disdain.

"Um, I guess I'm just too innocent. I didn't think something would be going on between them… Uncle Jing likes older women?"

"I guess, I know after his ex-girlfriend died years ago, he never dated again. Mommy said that he was hurt, and I thought he would be single forever, but I guess his tastes have changed…"

"So, should we help him out? It's so tiring to watch him courting her," Little Bean suggested.

"Forget it, after what happened with Auntie, I don't want to meddle in others' relationships anymore…" Pudding seemed disinterested.

"Um, okay then, if you're not going to help, then neither am I… we'll let Uncle Jing do his thing. If he succeeds, good for him, but if he doesn't… Well, that's his problem." Little Bean then took a giant bite out of the apple in her hand.

Zhixin would probably be at a loss for words if he heard the way his little nieces talked about him.

The gang went on to enjoy a lovely lunch…

"President Huo, where's President Qin Jr.,?" Bella asked curiously; she was referring to Qin Ning.

"Oh, Ningning went out today. She's been back for so long, yet she's either at the company or taking care of the twins… We felt bad, so we told her to go enjoy life while we have the day off."


Qin Ning got up really early that morning and left South Hill Manor in a sports car. She enjoyed her free time by racing her way up to the top of the mountain.

At noon, she went into a random dim sum restaurant and was about to order when Tang Chuan walked in… alone as well.

"Wow, what a coincidence!" He immediately walked up to Qin Ning and sat beside her.

"Is it? Or did you have me followed…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I would never do that! C City is so big, and there are so many dim sum restaurants, I swear I walked in by coincidence… How can you think of me like that?"

"Never mind then, pretend I didn't say anything…"

"Miss, are you ready to order?" A waiter walked up.

"Two pineapple buns, an order of sweet and sour ribs, and vegetable noodles."

"Are you really going to eat all that by yourself?"

"What's it to you?" Qin Ning demanded with a glare.

"And you sir?" The waiter looked at Tang Chuan.

"Same as my girlfriend… thank you."

"Who's your girlfriend?" Qin Ning's eyes widened.

"Calm down, what I meant was a girl who's a friend, shortened into 'girlfriend', haha…"

"I'm not a girl who's your friend though… We don't even know each other that well, right?"

"But we're WeChat friends at least… you shouldn't be so merciless to me!" Tang Chuan argued back.

"Forget it…" Qin Ning then looked down at her phone and began playing a game.

"Qin Ning, I heard you're really smart, despite your young age, you're an executive at GK Headquarters already?"

"What's it to you?" Qin Ning asked with pride.

"God, your expression is so similar to your brother's… Pudding's like that as well… Your family genes sure are strong."

Just now, Qin Ning's cute demeanor led Tang Chuan to briefly mistake her for Pudding. However, in his eyes, Qin Ning was the most adorable human being that ever existed.

"My nieces have really bad impressions towards you…" Qin Ning poked at Tang Chuan's sore spot.

"It's because I'm too good looking to a point where even gods are jealous, so they pay extra attention to me…"

"Narcissism is a disease you need to cure…" Qin Ning's gaze briefly swept past Tang Chuan's face.

"You not liking me is a disease that needs immediately curing as well…" Tang Chuan was extremely loquacious.