Chapter 2092: Career or Woman? (3)

"Back so soon?" Mo Xue'er turned around to see Huo Mian, who was wearing a white lab coat. The latter had been working overtime and had just finished up a complicated surgery with the Orthopedics Department.

When she heard that Mo Xue'er was hospitalized and found out the reason behind her hospital stay, she decided to pay a visit.

"You don't look like a victim, you look like someone who just won a war…" Huo Mian put her hands in the pockets of her white coat and quietly looked at Mo Xue'er.

"Why are you here?" Mo Xue'er was surprised to see her.

"You know that I work here."

"Why are you here in my room? Don't tell me you're here to visit me, I don't need your fake empathy." Mo Xue'er put down the mirror in her hand and looked maliciously at Huo Mian.

"Miss Mo, you're thinking too much, we're not close enough for me to visit you at your sick bed… I'm here to talk to you about something."

"You're here to ask me to let Huo Siqian off the hook, aren't you?" Mo Xue'er asked arrogantly.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian sighed. "Let me correct you, you should know Huo Siqian's way of dealing with things better than I do, he doesn't need anyone to let him off the hook. Rather, you should be worrying about your own wellbeing. If God wants you to die, he'll drive you crazy first, and right now, you sure are crazy…"

"So you're saying that I'm screwed?" Mo Xue'er snickered.

"No, that's not what I'm saying… I just wonder how long you can keep that smile on your face… I'm curious as to why you would try to ruin his life rather than live your own glorious, superstar life? Are you really that bored?" Huo Mian asked.

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"Revenge for what? Did Huo Siqian kill your dad or dig up your ancestors' grave or something?"

"He… betrayed my love…" Mo Xue'er said, seething through her teeth.

"Your love? Haha, come on, Miss Mo, you sound like a comedian." Only then did Huo Mian realize how twisted Mo Xue'er was, and how screwed up her values were.

"What do you mean by that? Who are you to question me?" Mo Xue'er was annoyed by Huo Mian's attitude. 

"Mo Xue'er, let me straighten everything out for you. You're a pretty girl from a poor family who didn't have a chance to shine. Your family didn't have the money to put you into a good school, and you even lived with some scum of society way back then. Later, you went with a friend to an audition, where Huo Siqian saw your potential and decided to make you famous. Back then, he wasn't as powerful, so after you debuted, you only appeared in a few shows and didn't rise to fame. The more powerful he got, the more popular you became… All the popular TV shows you appeared in were funded by the Huo Corporation. To tell you the truth, a lot of women in the entertainment industry are prettier and more talented than you are, so the only reason you rose to fame in your twenties is because he had your back. Because everyone knew you were with him, no one tried to bully or sleep with you… Everyone treated you like a star, allowing you to succeed. After you guys broke up, your humiliation turned into anger, and you began to accuse him of betraying you. Here's some food for thought – when I give you one piece of candy, you're happy and thankful. But if I give you candy every day, you'll get used to it, so when I stop giving you candy, you'd think that I've betrayed you. But you keep forgetting that you had nothing in the beginning… Huo Siqian was the one person to give you the metaphorical candy. So, you're basically returning his favor with hate… You owe him so much, yet you treat him like an enemy… and want to bury him in an unmarked grave… You're pretty reckless yourself to have hired hitters to hurt you, just so you can frame Huo Siqian. The public may think that you're innocent, no one will ever know that Huo Siqian is being blamed for something he didn't do. You're the ultimate b1tch here, Mo Xue'er."

Huo Mian rarely talked to a woman like that, but Mo Xue'er's actions truly pissed her off.

After hearing everything she said, Mo Xue'er sneered. "So, are you trying to prove Huo Siqian's innocence?"