Chapter 2091: Career or Woman? (2)

"I don't know, since after all, I don't have any evidence… But the accident happened in a really weird way… The car accelerated after hitting me, and it indeed seemed like the driver wanted to kill me. I still feel scared just thinking about it." Mo Xue'er thought back at the accident, feeling shivers down her spine.

"Do you think the accident had anything to do with President Huo?"

"I don't think so… Although we're not together anymore, we used to date… I don't think he's that heartless… He shouldn't care that much, even if I exposed him…" Mo Xue'er continued putting on her innocent-girl act and purposely took Huo Siqian's side.

Her agent immediately stepped up and cut in. "Xue'er, stop being such an idiot! He hasn't felt anything for you in a long time, or else he would have helped you last time rather than kick you out of the company and claim that he will no longer have any ties with you. Friends of the media, have you any idea how heartless Huo Siqian is? When Xue'er was at the height of her career, she wanted to go abroad but he asked her to stay and sign with the Huo Corporation. She did so much for him, and earned so much money for him, but where was he when Xue'er was in trouble? He didn't even visit her in rehab, and he even beat her when she was down. A man like him is definitely heartless enough to hurt her, am I right?"

"Sister Liu, please stop…" Mo Xue'er looked at her agent with red-shot, swollen eyes.

"Why should I? I'm telling the truth… The things you said on the show were all true. If he had the guts to do it, he shouldn't be scared of exposure! I can't believe that he would hire people to hurt you! If you hadn't moved away quickly and turned your steering wheel the other way, you would be a corpse by now! You idiot girl, Xue'er, stop protecting that scumbag!"

What Mo Xue'er's agent said was completely captured by the reporters. The series of events – Mo Xue'er's tears, her agent's words, and the fact that Huo Siqian was later detained stirred up a giant ripple within the city, causing the Huo Corporation's stocks to fall throughout the day.

With all the scandals sinking him down, Huo Siqian's reputation plummeted, and others took the opportunity to beat him when he was down – small companies that the Huo Corporation once suppressed came up to the surface to defame Huo Siqian and support Mo Xue'er. Naturally, the latter soon received empathy from the general public, as she was seen as the victim.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, turned into the ultimate scumbag, which was completely unexpected.

That night, after the reporters left, Mo Xue'er immediately wiped off the tears on her face. Putting away the innocent expression, she smiled at her agent. "Sister Liu, how did I do?"

"You were perfect, Huo Siqian's really screwed this time."

"That's exactly what I'm aiming at… It's his fault for being so heartless. I'm not someone he can sleep with when he wants to and throw away when he's done..." Mo Xue'er said, clenching her fists.

"Xue'er, you must be exhausted, I'll go and get us some food. What do you want?"

"Shrimp dumplings and seafood soup."

"Okay, wait for me here and be careful. There are guards outside, call them if you need anything."

"Mhm, I will. Oh, right, what did Mr. Xiang say?" Mo Xue'er suddenly asked.

"Mr. Xiang said you shouldn't go overboard… The situation is chaotic enough as it is, and Mayor Yan called him. It seemed like he didn't want it to get worse. You know Mayor Yan's idiot daughter is crazily in love with Huo Siqian," Mo Xue'er's agent said, her tone filled with disdain.

"So what if she's the mayor's daughter? Why would I care?" Mo Xue'er said as she rolled her eyes.

Once her agent left, she picked up her little mirror and began touching up her makeup, humming a tune as she did.

When Huo Mian opened the door and walked in. Mo Xue'er didn't even notice it was her and just thought that her agent was back.