Chapter 2090: Career or Woman? (1)

Everyone was expecting an immediate response from the Huo Corporation's PR team, something to clarify the situation.

However, Huo Siqian chose to do nothing. Instead. He endured the gossips quietly, sensing a shift in how his employees looked at him. 

Yan Ruoxi was blocked by a crowd of reporters at the Huo Corporation's entrance.

"Miss Yan, are you still dating President Huo?"

"Of course."

"What are your thoughts on this incident? Are you hurt by the news?"

"Of course not. Why would we care about such nonsense? That's ridiculous… The news is not true. I don't know why Miss Mo said what she said… Maybe it's due to jealousy. After all… I'm the one who's with Qianqian now… not her."

 "Then Miss Yan, were you the mistress when President Huo was still with Miss Mo?" The reporter's question was sharp.

Yan Ruoxi immediately glared at the reporter, "How could that be? Which eye of yours saw that I was the mistress?"

"In the interview, Miss Mo said that she and President Huo had never separated. Even after President Huo got married, they still maintained their affair… So I thought, you might have arrived later than Miss Mo in his life, right?" The reporter was smart this time, and he was trying to subtly imply things with his words.

Yan Ruoxi was livid. "I've already told you, do not believe the woman. She's a drug addict… Why would anyone trust her words? She's lying through her teeth, purposefully smearing our good name. I met Qiantian three years ago. At the time, his ex-wife had just passed away and he was very upset. I've been by his side since then. We're truly in love… Also, Qianqian isn't like what she described. What she said isn't true. Please stop spreading rumors… It will truly hurt the man I love."

 "Miss Yan, why doesn't President Huo come out and clear his name? Is there more to this story?"

"No! Qianqian keeps a low profile. He doesn't need to clarify something that doesn't need to be clarified! How ridiculous… you reporters really have no shame. You will believe what anyone says, I'm truly speechless. All right, get out of my way. This is my first and last time responding to this!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With that, Yan Ruoxi squeezed her way out of the crowd and drove away in anger.

The rumor about Huo Siqian was already spreading like wildfire in the public, attracting a high degree of attention from all sectors of the media. That night, something else happened, something that catapulted Huo Siqian to a new height of this crisis...

Mo Xue'er had been in a car accident. Although not serious, her car was clearly struck by someone with a purpose.

Not only was the perpetrating vehicle's plate fake, the driver had also deliberately fled the scene of the crime. Mo Xue'er was taken to the nearby South Side Recuperation Centre for emergency care.

Her agent called the police right away, accusing Huo Siqian of attempted murder by hire. 

Due to the serious nature of murder by hire, the police quickly built a case.

During the same night, Huo Siqian was taken from his home for interrogation. After the photos of his arrest were released, the media was once again sent into a frenzy.

The public opinion was quite one-sided, all believing that Huo Siqian had hired someone to crash into Mo Xue'er, that he had sought revenge out of anger for her defaming ways.

All the evidence was now pointing towards Huo Siqian...

Later that night, Mo Xue'er was interviewed by the media in the hospital. She was as frail as could be...

"Miss Mo… everyone's saying that the car crash was not an accident. What are your thoughts on this?" The reporters swarmed around Mo Xue'er.