Chapter 2088: Dog Fight, What a Show (9)

Huo Siqian immediately grabbed the remote control and turned on the T.V. in his office. 

The local program was airing live interviews and Mo Xue'er, who was banned from broadcast, was on the interviewee list.

"Miss Mo, were you or were you not in a relationship with President Huo? It's been an ongoing mystery for many years," the interviewer asked, smiling.

Mo Xue'er laughed. "Maybe we were, maybe weren't."

"Ms. Mo is really good at playing Tai Chi with the question, haha."

"Actually, President Huo and I really have known each other for many years, and we've also been together for many years. He didn't break up with me even during his marriage with his deceased wife..." Mo Xue'er's words were shocking.

With that, the entire audience erupted into loud whispers...

"Wow… this is huge news! What you're saying is, President Huo was always in a relationship with you? Even while he was married?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We were before, but now we've broken up. Haha, isn't that sad? Maybe he just grew tired of me… I can understand. We're still friends though. During that period, I really did suffer emotionally. I wasn't booking any commercials and wasn't getting any acting gigs… so I drove myself crazy with thoughts. I met some bad people and ended up on a bad path… I know now what a big mistake I've made..." Mo Xue'er took advantage of the chance to claim back her innocence.

"Wow, such an unfortunate event. You two were so perfect for each other… President Huo seems like a very easy-going person. He's always smiling and it's a well-known fact that he treats the press and his employees very kindly..."

"Yes… Actually, Siqian's pretty easy going. It's just that… he has quite a few special hobbies..."

Upon saying this, Mo Xue'er paused, playing with everyone's curiosity.

"Special hobbies? Miss Mo, can you please elaborate? What kind of hobbies?" the hostess didn't let this sensitive topic go and continued to ask. 

Mo Xue'er flashed a shy smile. "You know what I'm talking about… He's insatiable in that area… He's always in the mood. I'm not that strong… I'm so skinny… and sometimes, my body just can't take it… So most of the time, I use my hands… or my mouth… to help him..."

Mo Xue'er's blunt answer immediately sent the audience into a frenzy...

The hostess's face also immediately blushed, completely caught off guard by the answer...

She kept on looking to the producer at the sidelines, her face clearly questioning whether they should keep this topic going… After all, it was a live broadcast...

So many people were watching...

The producer didn't signal for a stop, however; he clearly wanted Mo Xue'er to continue. It was definitely explosive content that would drive in a lot of views. 

For the sake of great ratings, the hostess suppressed her distaste and continued with the interview.

"Um… other than this, does he have other special interests?"

"Of course! He likes to do it in the tub. Because of the water, the up and down waves really add to the pleasure..." Mo Xue'er was becoming more and more brazen.

"Um… anything else?" Even the host's face was turning red.

"Sometimes, we would try SM. He would cover my eyes and tie my hands… Things like that. Sometimes, we would even roleplay. He makes me dress like a schoolgirl and he'd be my teacher… and slap my ass..." Mo Xue'er just continued talking nonchalantly, as if it was just any normal topic.

Dead silence. The entire audience was dumbfounded by Mo Xue'er's revelation. Were they watching an interview with an A-list celebrity or were they watching one with a pornstar?

In front of his T.V., Huo Siqian's expression grew darker and darker...

Mo Xue'er was out for revenge. He obviously knew that now.

"Boss… do you want us to pay Miss Mo a visit?" Huo Siqian's men asked, their voices shaking.