Chapter 2087: Dog Fight, What a Show (8)

"Daddy, you love Mommy very much, don't you?"

 "Is that even a question? Of course!" Master Qin looked proud.

When it comes to loving Huo Mian, he knew that no one else in this world loved her as much as he did.

"Do you ever worry that Mommy will be stolen?"

"You don't need to be worried about that, because your mother is as stubborn as an ox. If she has chosen me, she won't change her mind."

This stubbornness had been fully demonstrated during the four long years of getting pregnant and giving birth.

"But how do you know Mommy won't be moved by someone? What if you meet a strong competitor?" Little Bean asked.

"Ugh… Little Bean, do you know something I don't? Is your mommy seeing someone on the side?" Qin Chu teased his daughter.

"Of course not! What are you thinking about? This is just an assumption, okay?"

"Baby, let's not make assumptions. What do you want to say? Tell it to Daddy straight. I really don't know what's going on in that little brain of yours." Qin Chu gave up immediately.

He had discovered that his daughters' brains work differently from those of ordinary people. There was just no telling what they were thinking about.

"Alright, alright, then I'll be straightforward. I just think that… Mommy is a brilliant woman… so many people are after her. Other than you, there's Mr. Su, and big bad wolf Huo Siqian…"

"So?" Qin Chu asked, laughing.

"So, Daddy, you need to be aware! Don't let Mommy out of your sight… Don't let others have a chance!" Little Bean warned.

"Haha, don't worry. No one will steal your mommy away…" Qin Chu chuckled wholeheartedly.

He felt himself become adorable just speaking to his daughter about this.

"Could you please be more serious? I'm telling you, you don't even know what Huo Siqian did when we were kidnapped!"

"Ugh… what did he do?" Qin Chu was taken aback. He knew he hadn't asked for the details.

Due to the urgent state of that day, he was focused on comforting his family after they were safe, to the point where he had forgotten to ask about the details.

One thing that Qin Chu knew, however, was that Huo Siqian almost died by the hands of Huo Siyi just to protect Huo Mian.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That eventually led to Huo Mian not having the heart to let Qin Chu kill Huo Siqian later on that night… They had already discussed this.

"That big bad wolf was almost beaten to death by the kidnappers just to protect Mommy. Mommy was so scared she cried the entire time. She thought that he was going to die..." Sure enough, Little Bean was referring to this.

"Daddy knows about this and I've discussed it with your mommy. Don't worry."

"No, there's one more thing. Mommy definitely didn't tell you." Little Bean was certain.

"What?" Qin Chu's curiosity was actually piqued.

"That big bad wolf had already made plans for Mommy. He even designed a blueprint! He told Mommy that he always had a dream to take her away onto an island. He said that he wanted them to be together on that island… He even talked about babies. Anyways, he didn't look like he was joking. Daddy, you have to be on high alert! Don't let that big bad wolf take Mommy away, okay? My sister and I can't lose Mommy," Little Bean gave out a strict order.

"Daddy can't lose Mommy either..." Qin Chu smiled gently.

Huo Mian would definitely not have told him these things. It was to not let him overthink things… He knew that.

Little Bean's intentions were obvious. She wanted her daddy to pay more attention to the safety of her mommy. She didn't want to see her mommy get hurt.

"Little Bean, thank you for telling Daddy about all of this. Daddy promises to pay attention 120% from now on. I will protect your mommy, you, and your sister. Our family will be together forever and ever." Qin Chu lowered his head and pecked his daughter's forehead, giving her his most sincere promise.

- Huo Corporation Headquarters -

"President Huo, please watch the news. Miss Mo… She..." One of Huo Siqian's men anxiously ran into his office and reported.