Chapter 2086: Dog Fight, What a Show (7)

"It's not serious, just a minor contusion on her lower back. The lucky thing is that her nerves were not injured. My parents were really scared."

"That is very lucky." Huo Mian nodded.

"Sister Mian, please stop the car in front of that intersection and I'll get off there. It's very close to my home..."

"I can drive you to your house."

"No, it's alright! You've got to get to work. Really, it is daytime now and I'm sober. Don't worry about me..."

"Alright then, be careful."

Huo Mian parked at the side of the road carefully. Xixi unbuckled her seat belt to leave but suddenly remembered something.

She turned her head and looked at Mian, biting her lips.

"What's the matter, Xixi?"

"Sister Mian... last night… Nothing strange happened, right?"

"No, why do you ask?" Huo Mian watched Xixi calmly.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that… I think I dreamt of Rick last night." Xixi was somewhat upset... 

"Really? That's probably because you're thinking about him too much. Maybe that's why you're dreaming about him?"

"That's probably it then, haha. All right, I'm leaving. Be careful on the road!"

"Okay, bye, keep in touch! "

While Huo Mian continued driving to South Side, Xixi made her way back home, sobering up.

Huo Mian had tried everything to help out Rick and Xixi. She had done everything in her power and the rest was up to them.

Plus, with Rick's current identity being too sensitive and the existence of Miss Luna, the daughter of another mafia family, it was hard to predict whether or not Rick and Xixi even had a chance.

So, in order to not add to Xixi's troubles, Huo Mian withheld her knowledge of the video call from the night before.

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She knew that Rick wouldn't have wanted her to tell. After all, it wouldn't have made a difference.

At the same time, Qin Chu was driving the twins to piano class.

"Yang, I need you to postpone the morning meeting by two hours. I'm taking my daughters to piano first so I'll get there later," Qin Chu called Assistant Yang.

After Qin Chu's return, Bella and Assistant Yang's positions were swapped just in time.

Because Bella was a woman and was Huo Mian's personal assistant, Qin Chu felt inconvenient at times.

He transferred Bella back to the Administrative Department and moved Yang back to work for himself. They were used to each other and had great synergy. Yang also couldn't be happier.

God knows how much he missed those days when he fought alongside the big boss.

"Yes, Boss."

Hanging up the phone, Qin Chu stopped his car before the music building.

"Daddy, are you coming to pick us up later?"

"Daddy will be waiting for you here," Qin Chu answered with a smile.

"Wow, that's awesome! Daddy, you're the best! I'm giving you a five-star review." Pudding was uncharacteristically happy.

As far as Pudding was concerned, their daddy was the busiest man in the world. She'd thought that he would leave immediately after driving them to class.

"Daddy, give me half an hour. I'm sure I can finish learning. I won't take up too much of your time," Pudding boasted.

"Don't worry, you two take your time."

Pudding opened the door and got out of the car. They would be escorted by the guards.

However, Little Bean didn't move…

"Little Bean, why aren't you moving? What are you waiting for?" Pudding looked back at Little Bean.

"You go first, I have to talk to Daddy privately." Little Bean pouted cutely.

"Okay, hurry up!" Pudding headed into the music classroom first.

Qin Chu looked at his younger daughter and pinched her little cheeks dotingly, "Little Bean, what did you want to speak to daddy about?"

"Daddy… Today, let's talk about something serious," she said.

"How serious?" Qin Chu couldn't help but want to laugh.

"Very serious… super serious! Daddy, stop laughing. I'm telling you something very important." Little Bean was very unamused by her father's laughing face.

"Okay, baby, speak," Qin Chu put away his smile, lifted Little Bean, and placed her atop his lap.

"Speak, Little Bean, Daddy is listening." Qin Chu's voice was filled with fatherly love.