Chapter 2085: Dog Fight, What a Show (6)

"Ugh… where did you hear this from, Baby?" Xixi was completely embarrassed.

"Doesn't everyone know this?" Pudding's answer was even more clever.

"Ahem… Pudding, um… hurry up and eat your food. Don't you have to go to your piano lesson today? Your daddy will take you girls to class later. Mommy needs to go to the hospital too. Don't waste time." Huo Mian immediately changed the topic, stopping her daughter from further mentioning Rick and Xixi's history. It was already painful enough.

"Okay, Mommy! You don't want Auntie Xixi to remember the past, that's why you're telling me to stay quiet, right? I can understand it, but Auntie Xixi, relationship failures are nothing to be ashamed of! You've got to look forward to the future!"

Xixi: "..."

Huo Mian: "..."

"Master Qin… could you please control your daughter?" Huo Mian protested.

"Mommy, are you going to seek help from your husband every time you can't control us?" Pudding gazed at Huo Mian with sympathetic eyes.

"It's as if we don't have husbands..." Little Bean interrupted.

"Actually, we really don't have husbands as of right now, but we will when we grow up!" Little Bean analyzed.

Huo Mian was truly speechless...

Sitting next to them, Zhixin couldn't hold in his laughter any longer.

"Hahahaha… Mom, didn't I say before that my two nieces are incredible? Do you see this? They can already outsmart their mom at such a young age! This is the first time I've ever seen my sister lose so gloriously." 

"Jing Zhixin! How dare you laugh at me? Is this the time to be laughing?" Huo Mian had no words for her little brother.

"Pudding, Little Bean, don't bully your mommy." Master Qin had taken a break from his oatmeal to give his order.

The twins immediately settled down. "Okay, Daddy." 

"You two… are you turning against me? Ever since Master Qin returned, you've ignored your mother. What's happening, huh?" Huo Mian found the situation both amusing and frustrating.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The fun-filled breakfast finally ended.

Qin Chu drove the twins to their piano class, while Huo Mian first drove Xixi to the inner city, then went to work.

On the way there, Xixi was incredibly apologetic.

"Mian, sorry, I've caused a lot of trouble for you yesterday..."

"What are you saying? What trouble? We're friends! I'd never leave you in a situation like that. Plus, you filled in as a body double because of me. You helped Su Yu solve a difficult problem. I should be the one thanking you."

"Don't say that, Sister Mian. President Su's really a great person. He cares very much for my sister's wellbeing. He paid for the hospital bills on time and even visited her... He's been paying the hospital bills on time and he visits her every day. It's been a great help to my family. President Su also stood up for me at the filming and thus, even the director didn't have the guts to bully me."

Xixi was truly grateful for Su Yu's help so she told Huo Mian everything that happened.

Huo Mian chuckled. "Su Yu's actually very kind-hearted. He might seem scary and ill-tempered on the outside, but he's honestly just a kid. You don't need to be afraid of him."

"Definitely. In the past, I always hear my sister speak of him, saying President Su this or President Su that, and telling me how every artist in Imperial Star's scared of him. They say that he's incredibly unpredictable and is a monster when angered. I can't believe how nice he is… Not scary at all."

"The body double scenes are done. You don't need to go anymore, right?" Huo Mian asked.

"Yes, there's no need… I'm going home to change into something else and then I need to go see my sister in the hospital..."

"Is your sister alright? Is it serious?" There was a lot of worry in Huo Mian's voice.