Chapter 2084: Dog Fight, What a Show (5)

Facing Mr. Qin's question, Huo Mian remained silent. 

She knew that it wouldn't be easy between Rick and Xixi. 

When it came to these two people, she could only sigh.

Huo Mian had already said everything she could to Rick when she was in New Orleans.

There was nothing more that she could do to help. Besides, it would make her look nosy, poking into other people's business.

"Let's go to sleep, honey."

"Okay, don't worry. She's just drunk. She will be fine after she sobers up tomorrow." Huo Mian was worried about Xixi, so he was trying his best to comfort her.

- Next Morning -

When Xixi woke up and found herself in an unfamiliar environment, she was frightened.

After she put on her slippers and walked out with her hair loose, she ran into Little Bean, who had also just woken up, scaring her.

"Oh my god, who are you?" asked Little Bean while staring at the stranger with a cute look.

"Eh, so are you the older one or the younger one of the twins?"

"I'm Little Bean."

"Hi, Little Bean. So this is your house, right?"

Little Bean nodded.

"So this must be South Hill Manor?" Xixi continued to ask.

Little Bean didn't know what to do and continued to nod.

"Phew…" Finally, Xixi took a long breath.

"Speaking of this, Auntie, where did you come from? Why are you at my house?" Little Bean was confused, too.

"Xixi, you are up?" At this time, Huo Mian was already walking out, going to check if Xixi was up or not.

Then she saw Little Bean meeting Xixi in the hallway.

"Sister Mian, did you bring me back home yesterday?"

"Yes, you were drunk and no one knew where you lived and neither did I. I was worried that you might be in danger if you stayed outside at a hotel by yourself. So I brought you back. Did you sleep well? Does your head still hurt?"

"No, it doesn't hurt anymore. Thank you, Sister Mian." Xixi felt a little embarrassed.

"No big deal. Go brush your teeth and wash your face. Then come downstairs for breakfast."


After Xixi went back to the room, she immediately brushed and washed. Then when she walked downstairs, she found out that there were so many people in Huo Mian's home. 

Huo Mian's mom, younger brother, and Huo Mian's family of four, and Qin Ning, seven in total.

This didn't include more than ten servants which Xixi was really not used to.

"Come over, Xixi." Huo Mian waved.

She walked over slowly and greeted everyone with a smile.

"Sister Mian, last night, did I do anything crazy?" asked Xixi in a low voice with a tongue out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What do you think?"

Huo Mian intentionally didn't tell her and made her worried.

"Ah… Maybe I actually did do something crazy. So embarrassing," said Xixi while covering her face, looking awkward.

"Xixi, what happened last night, you really don't remember anything?" asked Huo Mian probingly.

"All I remembered was that I was in the room having dinner with Imperial Star Entertainment. And I even drank with Mr. Su. Then I think it was you holding me and I felt dizzy. Afterward… I don't remember anything..." Xixi vaguely recalled.

"Okay." Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu and felt helpless.

"What? Did I forget something important?" Xixi took out her phone and started to check her WeChat and phone call history, but didn't find anything suspicious.

"No, you were just drunk and fell asleep," Huo Mian decided not to tell her that she was video chatting with Rick, so it wouldn't strike her memories.

"You are Auntie Xixi?" asked Pudding in a baby voice while looking up and down on Xixi.

"Hey, Pudding. You are Pudding right? Ha, you and Little Bean do look alike," Xixi greeted Pudding with a smile.

"Auntie Xixi, I heard that you've dated Uncle Rick, is that true?" asked Pudding directly.

Huo Mian felt that her brain was going to explode. What she was worried about happening after all still happened. Oh Jesus, this little brat...