Chapter 2083: Dog Fight, What a Show (4)

"If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have been with you no matter what. At that time, all my friends said that you were from a mafia background and did not belong in the same world as me. They told me not to get close to you but I didn't listen. Because I thought as long as we were in love with each other, no matter who you are, it doesn't matter. As long as you loved me and treated me well. I thought we would be together forever. But you just left me like that. You left me alone, continuing to dream about this long dream."

"Xixi, I'm sorry," Rick said gently on the other side of the phone.

"Godfather, are we continuing this meeting?" asked the person next to him carefully in standard English.

"You all get out of here." Rick looked up and stared down his subordinates.

They were too scared to even breathe and just quietly opened the door and left.

Rick's important meeting had to be cut off by Xixi's sudden call.

"Don't just apologize to me. It's nonsense. If you hurt other people, you think that just saying sorry will work? You are so selfish. Rick, you are such a big jerk and I hate you."

Xixi was becoming a bit agitated and started to yell at Rick.

But Rick didn't respond at all. If yelling could cheer Xixi up, then to him, wasn't it a relief?

"I don't care. I want you to keep loving me," ordered Xixi drunkenly while pointing at Rick.

This kind of dominance was also sad and helpless. Huo Mian was forcing herself not to cry. She was worried that it might affect this unique but unexpected reunion between them.

"Rick, can you please come back? Come back to me. I will listen to whatever you say and won't make you mad anymore. I will try to be a really, really, good girlfriend. I'm willing to learn how to cook western cuisine, making pasta and cooking steaks. I will also do laundry and clean up for you. I'll have a cute half baby with you. Us as a family, we could be together happily, just like Mian and President Qin. Can you please come back?" Xixi's voice was getting hoarse. 

Even Qin Chu couldn't handle this emotional scene and had to turn around to not watch anymore.

Rick's heart was starting to ache, too. Each of Xixi's words sounded like a stab to his heart and made him miserable.

Of course he wanted to come back, come back to the free days just like before.

But what about family feud? What about his brother? There were so many things that he needed to take care of. Could he really let go?

"Rick, I miss you so much. I…" After saying this, Xixi couldn't hold it anymore and started to fall down.

Luckily, Huo Mian reacted quickly and caught her in time, not letting her fall to the floor.

"Xixi… Xixi…" Rick was scared to death and stood up to scream while shaking his phone.

Qin Chu took over the phone. "Don't worry, she was just drunk and fell asleep."

"Why is she at your house?" asked Rick in a sad mood.

"There was something going on in Xixi's home, so she went out for a dinner gathering and got drunk. Huo Mian went to pick her up but didn't know where she lived, so she brought her home. After Xixi got home, she kept asking to see you. So, I video called you," Qin Chu briefly explained the situation to Rick.

After Rick understood the situation generally, he nodded. "Thank you, Qin Chu."

"Rick… To be honest, you two…" Qin Chu always didn't want to get into anything outside Huo Mian and himself.

But at this moment, he was really sympathizing with his buddy Rick. Obviously, he still loved her, but was also trying his best to hide his feelings. 

So he felt that he needed to say something to Rick.

But before he could continue, Rick interrupted.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Qin Chu, this is my own issue. I know how to handle this. Thank you and Huo Mian. That's all." Afterward, Rick immediately hung up.

"Sigh, it seems like things got even worse. It would have been better not to have started the video call." After Huo Mian tucked Xixi in, she walked over and put her chin on Qin Chu's shoulder, and thought to herself.

"Do you think without this video call, the two of them would actually let go of each other?" asked Qin Chu.