Chapter 2082: Dog Fight, What a Show (3)

"Xixi, Rick isn't here." Huo Mian patiently tried to comfort her.

But Xixi seemed to be really sad. It was always said that when a person was drunk, they would amplify the deepest feelings in their hearts

"I have to see him. Do you know that I love Rick so much? In fact, he's my favorite man and the man that I first fell in love with. The past several years when I was abroad, whenever I saw a person who looked similar to him from the back, I would run up and check if it was him coming back for me. I can't just let the past go, I can't. I still remember the days when we two were together. I really wish that we can go back to the old times. Then I wouldn't do the wrong thing and make him mad."

Because Xixi was drunk, what she said was out of order, but both Huo Mian and Qin Chu understood clearly.

"Honey, what should we do?" Huo Mian was panicking so she had to ask Mr. Qin for help.

"Just let her see him."

"You are crazy. Rick is in New Orleans right now, which is on the other side of the planet." Huo Mian thought her husband was joking.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Qin took out his phone and found Rick on WeChat and sent over a video call invitation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Rick was having a meeting with family members, talking about serious matters.

He paused a little before picking up when he saw it was Qin Chu calling.

Qin Chu had never video called him before so it must have been a really important issue.

When the video call connected, he saw the girl sitting on the couch on the other side.

The girl was wearing a white sweater with princess sleeves and jeans, with her waist-length hair loose.

There was a red blush on the girl's round face.

At that moment, Rick felt something pound in his heart.

That was Xixi. Right, it was Xixi, the girl who was always in his heart and whom he hadn't seen for three years.

He didn't even get a chance to think about why Xixi would be together with Qin Chu.

All he did was stare at the image on the screen as if it would disappear any minute. 

Huo Mian was holding Xixi in her arms and pointed over at Rick.

"Xixi, look, this is Rick. Didn't you say you want to see him? He's here."

"Rick, is that really Rick?" Xixi looked up and was also a little shocked when she saw Rick.

Rick was wearing the black godfather outfit. He looked different and even had a little murderous look.

Nowadays Rick, compared to several years ago, was indeed a lot colder and heartless.

"Xi… Xi…" Rick hadn't spoken in Chinese for so long and his first time doing so in so long was to call her name.

Xixi paused a bit, then burst into tears after realizing, "Rick, why did you leave me alone. You are such a liar. Didn't you tell me before that no matter what happened, you wouldn't leave me alone? Then why did you do this to me?"

"Xixi…" Rick all of a sudden didn't know what to say, while suppressing his excitement and impulses in his heart.

All he did was call her name, again and again.

"Rick looks really excited too," Huo Mian looked up and mouthed silently to Mr. Qin.

This time, it was really just Mr. Qin's instinct. He just let these two see each other without any preparation.

This scene was even making Huo Mian nervous.

"Rick, do you even know how I survived these past few years? I miss you every single night but I couldn't tell anyone. I hoped to see you in my dreams every day. But the you in my dreams sometimes would be passionate but sometimes would be cold. But as long as you were there, that was enough. I didn't think we would actually be apart. I thought you wouldn't have the heart to leave me... I thought you would come and look for me. But you didn't."

Either because Xixi started to sober up or for whatever reason, what she said actually started to sound logical. As Xixi was talking, her tears kept falling down, which made Huo Mian really sad too.

What Rick did on the other side of the video call was just quietly listen to what Xixi said, every single word.