Chapter 2080: Dog Fight, What a Show (1)

"You're still playing dumb with me? You two are already the most popular tag on Weibo. That Bimbo Jian posted a selfie with you. I've told you a million times, don't associate yourself with that Bimbo Jian. Even if you don't like my auntie, you're not allowed to be with Bimbo Jian. You didn't listen to me, I'm so sad. I have to tell this to Mommy." 

"Ahh, please don't, Pudding! Don't do it on impulse, let's talk through it." Once Su Yu heard that Pudding was going to report that to Huo Mian, he panicked. He was as nervous as if Huo Mian were his own wife. 

"How do you talk through it? Do you look like you are trying to talk through it?" asked Pudding angrily. 

"Pudding, I really don't know what Weibo and top search you are talking about. Give me some time and let me handle it."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After hanging up the phone, Su Yu opened the Weibo app. He immediately figured out what had happened after checking. 

He walked over to Jian Tong with a stony face and asked, "Who told you to post that picture of us?"

"Ah, I snapped that picture for fun. If it gets popular, we can use it to promote our new drama." Jian Tong was trying to find excuses. 

"I don't need you to do promotion for the new drama. Even if you wanted to, don't involve me! Jian Tong, I'm telling you one last time, don't use us as media hype. There's nothing going on between us. Otherwise, don't blame me when you can no longer stay in the entertainment industry." Su Yu especially didn't like girls who were full of themselves, and Jian Tong's repeated behavior was driving Su Yu crazy. 

He yelled directly in her face and Jian Tong didn't dare to say a word, keeping her head down.

Su Yu then turned around and left. 

"Are you all done?" asked Su Yu with a cold stare at the director. 

"It's all done, Mr. Su. Only post-production is left."

"Then let's call it a day. Tonight's dinner is on me, consider it a wrap up dinner." After that, Su Yu looked at Xixi and said in a low voice, "You come too. Thank you so much for today." 

"No, it's fine, Mr. Su. No need to thank me." Xixi was going to turn down the invitation.

"Since Mr. Su asked, just come. Don't worry about it," An added.

Jian Tong didn't want to go to the wrap-up dinner at night because she offended Su Yu, so she left the filming set with the excuse that she was not feeling well.

During the Imperial Star Entertainment dinner that night, everyone felt more relaxed since Jian Tong wasn't there.

If this top star in Imperial Star Entertainment was there, she would just be being all pretentious and act like a big shot, and everyone else wouldn't be able to have a good time.

Everyone saw that Su Yu was paying extra attention to this girl named Xixi so they all went over for a toast.

Xixi couldn't handle too much alcohol so she already felt tipsy after just a few glasses.

"Miss Nie, I'm so sorry. I misunderstood you and was being really strict with you. To be honest, you have a lot of talent in acting. Have you thought about pursuing this profession? I can get a drama for you and help you get famous. With your relationship with Su Yu, you will definitely be famous. You will get both fame and wealth," said the director who was no longer being disrespectful like before. He showered Xixi with compliments and even encouraged her to become a professional.

You have to admit that there were people who were opportunistic like that.

Xixi shook her head. "No, it's fine, Director. I know I'm not made for that. You don't need to sweet-talk me. If it wasn't because of my friend, I wouldn't have come over to stand in for my sister. Besides, it's already so exhausting for us to have one actress in the family. My parents don't want me to get into the entertainment industry either. I also don't like the idea myself. Thank you for your offer."

After being rejected by Xixi, the director walked away awkwardly with a glass in his hand.

Then Xixi walked over to Su Yu with her glass,

"Mr. Su, thank you for your care." Xixi thanked Su Yu sincerely. Not only for her sister, but also for covering for her today.