Chapter 208: Karma

Chapter 208: Karma
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"Whatever my mom says to you in the future, just vaguely reply and don't give her too much information. If she has her eyes set on you, she'll spend all her energy on you, which means that she won't have the time to introduce other women to me. It seems like a good way to go."

Jiang Linyue immediately understood what Qin Chu meant. She asked carefully, "President Qin, are you asking me to be a double agent, to act in front of Mrs. Qin and keep her in the dark?"

"I can give you a 20% raise."

"I don't care about the pay raise, President Qin, you don't know what I mean. I actually…" Jiang Linyue wanted to say something else, but she was cut off by Qin Chu.

"If you don't agree to my proposition, you'll be transferred to the company's Malaysian branch tomorrow."

Jiang Linyue was speechless.

The boss was indeed ruthless; if a deal wasn't going his way, he would take all means necessary.

Finally, Jiang Linyue had no choice but to compromise, "I agree with your proposition, President Qin."

"Good." Then, Qin Chu stepped on his brakes and the car came to a stop. "You can get off here and get yourself a cab. Charge it to the company, and the Finance Department will compensate you tomorrow."

Sad and unwilling, Jiang Linyue got off the car and watched as Qin Chu's Maybach sped away.

He was always so heartless, even demanding that she get off his car halfway. However, she just couldn't bring herself to give up on him.

Huo Mian was driving home after work but was delayed by a traffic jam. It was rush hour, and she was stuck in between red lights.

Bored, Huo Mian took out her phone, took a photo of the traffic jam, and posted the photo on her friend circle.

She wrote, "The newest 'Jam City' has been discovered, C City is the jammiest of them all."

Zhu Lingling immediately replied, "Agreed, let's call this place Jam City from now on."

Zhixin also replied, "Sis, did you buy a car?"

Huo Mian immediately replied, "No, the hospital lent it to me to use."

Zhixin, the innocent and unassuming boy that he was, replied with a 'yay' emoji. "Awesome, sis. Take me out on a ride sometime."

Just as Huo Mian was about to reply to him, the light turned green, and she turned her attention back onto the road.

When she passed by a supermarket, she parked her car and walked in, hoping to buy some fruits and vegetables.

However, she saw a strange scene. A man had kicked a woman onto the floor. She looked like she was in pain, but the man just kept hitting her.

A lot of people gathered around them, but no one stepped out to stop the man. After Huo Mian saw who the couple was, her heart filled with complicated emotions.

It was the pregnant patient that she saved a while back, and the man who was hitting her was her husband.

"Honey, please come home, I beg you. Our daughters miss you," the woman wailed.

"You stupid jinxed woman, can you stop crying? All you do is cry every single day, no wonder I have such bad luck. I lost money, and almost ended up in jail. You seriously ruined my life! I'd rather beat you to death," the man cursed as he continued hitting her.

"Stop hitting her, what kind of man hits his own wife?" The people around them tried to stop the man.

"Get the f*ck away, we're married! The police don't even interfere, so why don't you go mind your own business too?!" The man was extremely arrogant.

The woman just cried and cried on the ground…

Huo Mian lingered for a while and lost her mood to buy food. She just turned around and headed back to her car.

She wasn't going to step up and help her. Huo Mian was the one who saved her life, but she almost got into big trouble because of her. It was like the story of the farmer and the snake, so Huo Mian didn't pity her. There's an old saying: you reap what you sow, and those that are pathetic certainly have some reason to be despised. She was a victim of domestic violence; yet, not only did she refuse to divorce him, she actually believed that she couldn't live without him. A woman like her was never going to find happiness.

A while ago, she begged Huo Mian to let her husband go. That was reasonable, but later she took advantage of the media to force Huo Mian's decision, infuriating her. She didn't have to go through the trouble of putting on a show because even if she had asked Huo Mian in private to forgive her husband, Huo Mian would have agreed.

Huo Mian was okay with the outcome of the incident. As long as they stopped picking on the hospital and the hospital's and her own reputation recovered, she was fine.

However, now Huo Mian was thinking that an as*hole like him should be in jail; he was a scourge on this earth.

The life they were living today was a result of karma… all tragedies began with choices.

Huo Mian wasted some time on the road and it was almost 7 PM when she arrived back at home, her hands empty.

She smelled oil and fumes as soon as she walked in…

Astonished, she walked to the kitchen to see something for the first time – Qin Chu was in a white shirt and black suit pants, making stir-fry.

That's right, Mr. Qin, our master Qin, was making stir-fry!

"Um… President Qin, can you tell me what you're doing?" curious, Huo Mian asked.