Chapter 2079: Someone I Cannot Forget (10)

"You're mistaken, Director Wang. Why are you apologizing to me when you weren't being rude to me?" Su Yu looked at him coldly.

"Right right right, you're correct. I should apologize to Miss Nie… Miss Nie, I'm sorry for my attitude earlier. Please forgive me, haha."

Compared to just now, his attitude was totally different. Xixi was not used to it and was caught speechless by the drastic change.

The entertainment industry seemed to be a huge mess…

"You don't have to apologize. I just didn't like how you talked about my sister. We're running short on time. Let's keep going and I hope everything runs smoothly."

Xixi wasn't someone that wanted to stir up trouble. After Su Yu helped her out, she knew when to stop and continue filming.

Su Yu sat and supervised from the side. The director didn't dare to give Xixi a hard time.

Jian Tong went up and said in a coquettish manner, "President Su, you seem to treat this young lady nicely. Are you into her?"

Su Yu turned his head and glanced at Jian Tong coldly. "Your IQ has been decreasing significantly… Are you hitting your menopause soon?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jian Tong was caught speechless. Her face froze for a bit and she forced a smile as she said, "President Su, why are you angry? I'm just joking around with you."

"Better not joke around with this topic in the future… It disgusts me."

Su Yu used to think Jian Tong was a considerate and self-aware woman, but for some reason, her manners had become worse than before. She even bickered with the twins in his presence, she was indeed someone with a small heart.

"I know now. Please don't be mad at me," Jian Tong tried to act cute.

"I wouldn't get mad over something small like this." Su Yu stared at the shoot because he was afraid that Xixi would get bullied.

An knew that President Su didn't care about Xixi but cared that Xixi was requested to come by Huo Mian. For Su Yu, Huo Mian was still an unforgettable person no matter how hard he tried to forget. She was someone that occupied an important part in his heart. 

If anything happened, it would be hard for Su Yu to describe the situation to Huo Mian. He still cared a lot about how Huo Mian would feel.

Jian Tong took out her cell phone sneakily and took a selfie of her with Su Yu's profile.

She posted it on Weibo after using an image-editing tool and wrote, "It's great that someone visits you during work in frigid weather, but he's colder than a polar bear. Haha!"

After posting on Weibo, people became excited immediately…

Su Yu hadn't posted anything on Weibo lately and his fans were very desperate for any update.

Jian Tong's post instantly attracted many fans.

"Wow… our goddess seems so happy. Did your boyfriend visit?"

"The side of President Su's face is so handsome…"

"Are you guys showing off how adorable you are now? So jealous…"

"Marry this guy, Goddess. President Su is perfect. I started to believe in love again after seeing you two being happy together…"

Jian Tong's little mind game brought her many comments on the internet and her post immediately became the number one most searched hashtags.

The hashtag was "Su Yu visits Jian Tong at the Shoot"...

When the twins were bored and surfing on Weibo, they saw the news and were about to explode. 

Pudding video-called Su Yu immediately.

Su Yu took out his cell phone, walked away, and picked up the call. "Hello, Ms. Pudding."

"Where are you, Handsome Su?" Pudding asked in a serious manner.

"I'm at the studio," Su Yu answered honestly.

"So you are at the studio visiting Bimbo Jian??" Pudding asked coldly while trying to suppress anger.

"Uh… who did you hear that I'm visiting Jian Tong from?" Su Yu knew that the twins didn't like Jian Tong and tried not to provoke them on this topic.