Chapter 2077: Someone I Cannot Forget (8)

"Ridiculous! What did I tell you?" Su Yu raged.

"I just thought it was something that President Huo could do easily… but our company might suffer a major loss if it's not done…"

"I would rather suffer from a major loss than have her help me out," Su Yu hadn't blown his cool in a long time and yelled at An.

"Where is Nie Lingxi now?" Su Yu asked after calming down.

"She's already at the studio," An answered in a low voice.

"Let's go and take a look."

Su Yu was also worried that if any accidents happened to Xixi, who was persuaded by Huo Mian to finish up the remaining scenes for her older sister, he wouldn't be able to explain to Huo Mian.

That was why someone like him, who had never been to the studio, went to Imperial Star Corporation's exclusive outdoor filming location. It was a resort with beautiful scenery, and all the tree branches were covered with icicles.

The actors wore ancient costumes. It seemed like they were filming a fighting scene.

There was another female protagonist, Jian Tong, who didn't have many scenes in the drama. Jian Tong's purpose was to act as a foil to Nie Lingxuan as a guest actor in order to advertise for the drama. Although Jian Tong was just there for a brief period of time, she was there with a huge presence.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Four to five assistants were either busy getting drinks for Jian Tong, holding up an umbrella for her, or massaging her.

Su Yu saw this scene when he walked in.

Xixi was stabbed by a sword from her opponent and fell onto the snow.

"Cut! I beg you, Ms. Nie, can you soften up your expression?" The director seemed to be very dissatisfied.

"I'm sorry, Director. I'm nervous due to having no prior performing experience," Xixi apologized.

"I don't understand what there is to be nervous about. If you keep on dragging us back like this, how do we call it a day? Everybody is waiting for you… even Ms. Jian has to wait as well. You're sure arrogant enough. Your sister doesn't even have this treatment. Do you think that we should worship you because you're substituting for us, huh?" The director's words had only gotten harsher.

Xixi felt embarrassed. "I'm very sorry. I will try my best."

"Retake…," the director said petulantly.

Xixi struggled to get up from the snow. She was out of strength from doing it over and over again in the cold.

Not only her cheeks were red under the cold temperature, but her fingers were also stiff.

She didn't intend to be a substitute and wouldn't have done it even though there was compensation, but Huo Mian called her.

Xixi felt like she was obligated to do it because Huo Mian treated her nicely and had been helping Rick and her out.

Even though they were not together anymore, she still appreciated all Huo Mian's help.

Xixi acted the scene again from the script. The opponent stabbed her and she fell on the ground immediately.

"Cut! Why did you fall so fast? Too fake… who would fall right away when she gets stabbed? Do you have any common sense at all?"

"Sorry, I'm very sorry, director," Xixi kept on apologizing.

"I have nothing to say. I'm not sure where they found an idiot like you, even stupider than your sister…"

An unwitting complaint from the director totally violated Xixi's bottom line.

"Director, you can yell at me for acting badly. What does this have to do with my sister? Isn't she dedicated enough? She filmed in the frigid weather with you and ended up in the hospital because the stage props weren't inspected properly. It's fortunate that she isn't in critical condition. Otherwise, it's a life of a human being! Can you imagine how worried my family was? No one is born knowing how to act, right? I can learn even if I'm stupid. How can an executive director like you humiliate and yell at people? It seems like you don't have a good character either."

The act of Xixi suddenly snapping at the director shocked everybody in the studio. She actually… yelled at the executive director!