Chapter 206: Opportunity

Chapter 206: Opportunity
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"Seriously, you…" Su Yu was rendered speechless in front of Huo Mian's open provocations.

If it were another woman, he would have slammed his phone onto her head without another word.

However, what was weird was that he didn't feel the urge to use violence.

He subconsciously looked at her, who was sitting in front of him with her eyes closed. He suddenly noticed that she had pretty eyelashes.

Unlike other women, she didn't wear fake eyelashes, have extensions, or a thick layer of mascara slathered on.

Huo Mian's eyelashes were not long, thick, nor curly.

However, her natural look was a breath of fresh air for anyone who laid eyes on her.

She never wore makeup and only used basic facial products, so her skin was white and radiant.

Her lips were not smothered with lip gloss or lipstick; they were naturally red and juicy.

She didn't possess extraordinary beauty, but her looks were extremely comfortable to look at.

Su Yu began wondering what those lips would taste like if he were to kiss her.

Then, even he was shocked by this thought.

Finally, Su Yu took one last lingering look at Huo Mian, and he turned around to leave.

After hearing his footsteps disappear, Huo Mian opened her eyes, smiled, and muttered to herself, "Su Yu is like an immature child, but his temper doesn't seem that bad. I guess rumors are indeed usually false."

Huo Mian hadn't seen Su Yu act violently; at most, she pissed him off to the point of half-dead.

Therefore, she thought that Su Yu was just a little childish and wasn't as scary as the rumors made him out to be.

She could tell from the way he stole her kimbap just now.

They all made a way too big of a deal out of the 'Young Master Su'.

- At the Qin Manor -

Jiang Linyue sat on the living room couch, feeling extremely flattered. She wasn't sure why the chairman's wife invited her to their home.

This was her first time visiting the Qin Manor, it was indeed luxurious and filled with grandeur.

The maid cut up some fruit and poured her a cup of scented tea. Qin Chu's mother came down from the second floor, looking elegant and poised.

"Mrs. Qin." Jiang Linyue immediately got up to greet her.

"Sit down."

Behaving a bit reserved, Jiang Linyue sat back down, and Mrs. Qin sat down on the leather couch beside her.

"Don't be nervous, I didn't ask you here to discuss company matters. I wanted to talk to you about something personal. The chairman isn't home, so you can relax."

"Okay, Mrs. Qin," Jiang Linyue smiled.

She was wearing a beige suit with black heels and stockings. Her makeup was applied delicately.

Jiang Linyue was one of the prettiest girls at GK and had many suitors. However, she was too proud to date any of them.

She never paid much attention to those men, since she always felt that she should be with Qin Chu.

"Over the last few days, the scandal with Luo Feifei has gained a lot of attention. I thought it was true and was going to ask Chu about it, but then I found out that the Public Relations Department terminated her contract and announced that GK was never going to use her again. So, I assumed that Luo Feifei must have used my son as a stepping stone to fame, which angered him."

Jiang Linyue nodded. "That is correct. Someone like President Qin would never date a celebrity with a bad reputation. As GK's employee, I have faith in him."

Satisfied with her answer, Mrs. Qin nodded. "I'm glad to hear it from you. Personally, I don't want Chu to be mixed up with the likes of the entertainment industry. The backgrounds of female celebrities are usually messy. Those women will do anything to get ahead, and are involved in too many scandals. Naturally, they're not eligible to enter the Qin Family."

"They won't since they don't even have the chance to get near President Qin. Plus, President Qin… has extremely strong self-control."

Jiang Linyue said that as a compliment. From her observations, Qin Chu had never shown intimacy towards any woman.

He always arrived at work on time and left work on time. Aside from his assistant, Yang, no one else was able to get near him.

"I know my son well, but rumors are scary. He's so outstanding but is still single, and people will gossip. The Qin family values reputation, and I don't want anyone to take this opportunity to spread untrue rumors."

"So… has President Qin ever had a girlfriend?" Truth be told, Jiang Linyue also wondered if Qin Chu was gay.