Chapter 2056: Defeating You, Fair and Square (7)

"Pudding, I know you're doing this for Auntie's sake and that you really like Auntie, but relationships aren't that simple. The possibility of looking cute together doesn't mean that we'll actually make a good couple. It's like buying shoes, only your feet know if they're comfortable… Su Yu may be a good man, but I… Forget it, why am I saying all this to you? I'm going to bed, you should too." Qin Ning felt more confused the more she spoke; moreover, she didn't think she would be able to beat the little devil known as Pudding in a verbal confrontation. Therefore, she ended up chasing the latter out of her room.

Then, she sighed and lied down on her bed. Just as she was about to go to sleep, she received a message on her phone.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was a money transfer from Tang Chuan in the amount of 9,999 yuan.

Qin Ning immediately refused the transfer and threw aside her phone.

Tang Chuan wanted to quickly become close with Qin Ning, so he used his ultimate weapon – when he didn't know what to say, he always gave money. This tactic worked on all the women he hit on; even socialites liked money, so of course they would be happy to see free money waiting to be picked up.

After all, who would say 'no' to cash?

However, Qin Ning's instant rejection left him feeling completely defeated.

- The next morning -

Huo Mian dropped by the First Hospital before work.

Huo Yanyan could now walk around and take care of herself. Her doctor told Huo Mian that she would be discharged in three days.

"Yanyan…" Huo Mian walked in with her bag.

"Hey, Mian, you're here!" Huo Yanyan was happy to see Huo Mian.

"How are you feeling today? Does your rib still hurt?" Huo Mian glanced down at her ribs.

"No, I can take care of myself now, I think I can be discharged today." Huo Yanyan seemed to be in a good mood.

"Not today, your doctor told me you have to be here for at least three more days."

"Mian, how's Tiantian? Is she behaving at your place? Did she bully the twins?" Huo Yanyan asked worriedly.

"She's great… and getting along with the twins just fine, don't worry."

"Good… oh, right, Mian, I know you're well-connected with the municipal bureau, can you help me see Siyi after I'm discharged?"

Upon hearing Huo Yanyan's request, Huo Mian's expression changed slightly.

"It's difficult, isn't it… I know Siyi deserves to be locked up, but I still want to just visit him. You know he and my mom are the last living family I have… I can't contact my mom since she's in Vietnam, so I want to bring Siyi some stuff in prison… After all, I'm still his sister." Huo Yanyan looked down, feeling ashamed.

Huo Mian took a deep breath in and said slowly, "Yanyan, it's not that I can't help you see him, but Huo Siyi…"

Then, she paused, unwilling to finish her sentence.

"What happened to Siyi?" Sensing that something was wrong, Huo Yanyan looked up anxiously at Huo Mian.

"You were in recovery, so I didn't have the heart to tell you… The truth is, Huo Siyi's already dead," Huo Mian said, word for word.

As soon as Huo Yanyan heard this, she felt her entire body and head go numb.

"That's impossible, I don't believe it, I don't…" Huo Yanyan muttered to herself.