Chapter 205: Noticing

Chapter 205: Noticing
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"I will pay you one thousand yuan for a piece, what do you think?" Su Yu asked arrogantly. He always thought that money could solve all problems. If it couldn't, it just meant that he needed to throw more money at the problem.

"No," Huo Mian refused with determination.

"Five thousand." Su Yu multiplied his original offer by 5.

Huo Mian looked up and smiled at him sweetly…

Su Yu immediately felt a sense of achievement, because he thought that she was going to take him up on his offer. After all, who could say no to money?

However, to his surprise, after she smiled, Huo Mian picked up a kimbap and shoved it into her own mouth, right in front of him.

She chewed on it with satisfaction as Su Yu watched, his mouth close to watering.

"You can buy a bike with 5000 yuan. Why don't you just order delivery? Their food is probably tastier than mine," Huo Mian suggested.

"I don't want to order delivery, I want what you're eating. Come on, how much are you willing to sell for?"

Finally, Su Yu lost all patience and asked Huo Mian for a price.

"I'm not selling, no matter how much you offer me. Here's the thing – you think you can use money to do anything, but sometimes, money's useless. For example, if you're in the desert, you might not be able to buy a bottle of water, even if you are willing to pay a hundred million yuan for it."

Su Yu's face immediately went grim…

Not only was the woman in front of him refusing to give him food, she was now lecturing him. That made him furious.

The kimbap in Huo Mian's lap disappeared into her mouth one by one until there was only one left.

Kimbap with authentic kimchi tasted like heaven in Huo Mian's mouth.

Finally, Su Yu couldn't take it anymore. When Huo Mian wasn't paying attention, he reached out and grabbed the last kimbap and stuffed it into his own mouth.

"Hey… you stole my food!" Speechless, Huo Mian looked at Su Yu.

Was he really the good-looking rich boy who charmed all the young girls in the city and was featured in entertainment headlines every day?

He was so ill-mannered and paid no attention to his image.

It seemed like the newspapers were lying; what you hear is not the same as what you see… In real life, he was just unbelievably immature.

After Su Yu ate the kimbap, he took out his wallet and drew out a stack of money – at least five thousand yuan.

"Here, think of this as a thank-you. I never eat for free."

"Are you an idiot?" Huo Mian laughed faintly.

Su Yu reacted at once, "Who are you calling an idiot, stupid woman? Are you tired of living?"

"Yes, looking after a needy patient like you is killing me by the minute. Come on, kill me now." Then, Huo Mian closed her eyes, purposely provoking him.