Chapter 2042: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (23)

She was an exceptional, intelligent doctor that was highly skilled, which helped her become China's youngest vice director of a hospital.

No one would suspect or slander her as buying herself the position.

Moreover, she had resigned from the CEO of the GK Corporation to become a doctor. How could a person like that care about fame?

She had reached a realm that many were incapable of comprehending…

After the meeting, Huo Mian focused on her work.

Just in the morning, she had met with eight Neurology Department patients and prescribed medicine and therapy for them.

When it was close to noon, Chen Jie came in with a huge stack of documents. "Chief, these are documents the Neurosurgery Department wants you to review for the 3 PM surgery for Sun Dahai's mother this afternoon."

"Okay, put it over here. I'll read it now."

"But it's lunch… You should eat…" Chen Jie said as she looked at her watch.

"You can go. Can you bring me back something? I still have a lot to read…" Huo Mian had rediscovered that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in her busy work.

Chen Jie smiled when she saw how focused Huo Mian was…

"Okay Chief. I'll leave you to it." Then she quietly left the room.

Huo Mian continued to work but her phone suddenly rang – it was a video call.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up immediately. 

"Hello, Young Master Qin~"

"Doctor Huo… Oh wait, I should call you Director Huo from now on… Congratulations," Qin Chu smiled at his wife. His smile was so bright that his eyes had almost become a line.

"You got the news already?" Huo Mian asked proudly.

"Of course… It's big news… How can I not know? It's already on the news…"

"Oh… Director Wu's not young anymore but he still does things in such a high profile manner…" 

"How should we celebrate tonight? What do you want to eat? I'll get a reservation at the place!" Qin Chu asked.

"I might not be available tonight. There's an operation at 3 PM today so I'm not sure when I will be done…" Huo Mian said, looking slightly baffled. 

"Okay, okay… My Doctor Huo has already fully delved back into work… Then I wish you the best but remember to take care of yourself. You have to remember not to work too hard to the point of collapsing… okay?" Qin Chu ordered domineeringly. 

"Yes, sir!" 

"Okay, I'll leave you to it then. Remember to eat. I got a meeting soon."

After hanging up, Qin Chu sorted out the documents for the meeting. Suddenly, he heard Bella come in and report, "President Qin, someone wants to see you but she doesn't have an appointment."

"Who is it?" Qin Chu looked up and asked.

Bella hesitated and said slowly, "It's the famous actress, Mo Xue'er."

"I don't know her," Qin Chu declined.

"But Ms. Mo said she has something important to discuss with you… It's a personal matter, so…"

"Personal matter?" Qin Chu slightly furrowed as he put down the documents in his hand.

"Let her in then." Qin Chu wasn't familiar with Mo Xue'er but he did know that she was Huo Siqian's ex-girlfriend.

He could guess what she was going to tell him so he decided to let her in.

Mo Xue'er was wearing a pair of seven-inch high crystal heels. She wore a deep blue open-back gown. She was rather gorgeous and sexy and looked quite well.

She looked to be in a better mental state and was no longer as distressed as she was before. It didn't seem like she was affected by the negative news anymore.

"Wow, what a rare occasion that I get to meet President Qin… hehe…" Mo Xue'er sat herself down on the sofa right away.

She got out a pack of cigarettes from her bag. Before she could light it up, Qin Chu stopped her. "Sorry but this is a non-smoking area."

"Fine…" Mo Xue'er looked slightly angry but they adjusted her emotions and looked up at Qin Chu.

"President Qin, I've actually come today to suggest that we work together."