Chapter 2041: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (22)

The strangest thing was that the man was actually nodding and listening intently as if he was a sincere student trying to absorb Pudding's every word.

"I'll keep that to heart, little one… You're right… Even though I didn't quite understand that 'injustice is doomed to destruction' phrase, I know that you're telling me to not do bad deeds and be a good person. As long as I do good, I will be repaid well."

"Yes. You're a good student. I'll come again to visit you whenever I have time. Dahai, thank you so much for saving me and my sister… You'll have a bright future from now on. Now get some rest…" Pudding acted like a small adult. She had preached and soothed Dahai before leaving his patient room.

"Pudding, don't you think you're acting too much like an adult? Even I'm not used to you speaking like that but it felt like you understood everything," Qin Ning said with a giggle.

"I do know everything," Pudding said proudly.

"Okay, okay, little princess… You're the best, you're the smartest. So what are we doing now?" Qin Ning looked at her niece.

Pudding looked at her watch and said, "I have an afternoon tea date with Handsome Su but it's still too early. Should we go bowling?"

"Bowling? Do you even know how?" Qin Ning asked in astonishment.

"Don't be surprised. There's nothing I can't do. There are only things you think I can't do…" Pudding gave out a mysterious smile.

"So it's decided then. Let's go…" Qin Ning and Pudding got along very well.

After they left the hospital, they headed towards a high-end indoors sports center. The two had a lot of fun bowling.

Meanwhile, Huo Mian started her first day at the South Side.

Director Wu announced to everyone in the staff meeting that Huo Mian would continue as Chief Physician in the Neurology Department.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She would also be the Vice Director of the South Side Rehabilitation Center. This was a management position.

"Next, we'll have Doctor Huo say a few things to everyone. Let's welcome her with a round of applause," Director Wu said delightfully.

Director Wu started clapping and the rest of the staff clapped along with him. The room thundered with applause. After four years, Huo Mian's name was still a symbol of authority.

Chen Jie was Huo Mian's assistant. She was so emotional that she cried and even sent a video recording of this to Ni Yang. 

"Look how great our sis is…" Chen Jie typed in the message to Ni Yang.

"Sister Mian's so great… Send me more! I want to see her handsome return as a doctor…" Ni Yang was in the dressing room putting on makeup. When he saw the video, he was rather excited.

After Director Wu's introduction, Huo Mian was a bit overwhelmed. She stood up with her hands clasped together.

"Thank you Director Wu for having faith in me and thank you all for supporting me. I love South Side. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a great ethical doctor… I will do my best at work to help our patients regain health… After four years, I can't believe I can come back to this position. I am flabbergasted beyond speech… All I can say is that I am truly grateful for Director Wu and all the doctors that believed in me… I will do my best! Thank you!" 

She didn't use adorning words nor did she sound very official. Huo Mian had simply uttered the voice of her heart.

She was really excited and had to suppress her tears from falling out.

She sincerely loved this place.

She could not recall how many times she dreamt of returning to work here.

She loved being called Doctor Huo and she was a proud doctor.

Right now, she could change the South Side employment section on her resume.

Huo Mian, female, 28 years old, currently China's youngest Chief neurosurgeon. Huo Mian is a renowned physician that had received many international awards.