Chapter 2040: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (21)

"Everyone, let's dig in…" Huo Mian said in a slightly embarrassed tone, bringing Qin Chu over to the dining table.

After breakfast, Qin Chu left for work while Huo Mian went to South Side for her official first day back as a doctor.

Meanwhile, Little Bean and Tiantian played with toys. Pudding, on the other hand, looked out the window, as if a lot was on her mind.

"What's the matter? Is something bothering you?" Qin Ning went over and asked.

"Auntie, I want to go to the hospital and see that big stupid guy…"

Since Qin Ning had heard about what happened, she immediately knew who that big stupid guy that Pudding mentioned was.

"Sure. I'll drive you there."

"Really?" Pudding said in surprise.

"Yeah, let's go. I wanted to go outside anyway. I haven't really explored the city yet."

"Okay. I'm going up to change."

Pudding dashed upstairs and changed into a long white lace dress, the ones that princesses liked. She then put on a red furry jacket.

She even wore a red beret. She looked very pretty.

"Little Bean, I'm going to go to the hospital to visit the big stupid guy. Do you want to come?" Pudding asked Little Bean just for the sake of notifying her.

"Nah. I'm going to stay home and play with Tiantian. Say hi for me when you see him," Little Bean said. She was trying to act like a small adult.

"Okay… I'll have Auntie drive you in the afternoon to meet Handsome Su. We're going to have afternoon tea together."

"Great. I'll wait for you two at home. Safe drive," Little Bean said. Then she turned back to continue playing with Tiantian. 

After the twins reached a consensus, Pudding held Qin Ning's hand and they left the house.

Qin Ning chose a white Porsche 918 from the South Hill Manor garage drove Pudding to the First Hospital. 

In the patient room, a support worker was wiping Dahai's face. Since he was severely injured, he wasn't capable of taking care of himself.

He looked quite toilworn.

"Hey, big stupid guy," Pudding walked over and greeted warmly.

"Little Pudding, you're here!" Dahai gave back a friendly smile.

"How are you today? Does it still hurt?" Pudding asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"No… I'm a man. I'm not scared of pain… You view me too much as a coward," Dahai said with a chuckle.

"Mommy said you were badly wounded, so badly that your internal organs are wounded. You have to take a rest."

"I know. Your mommy also gave me a lot of money and will help my mother get the surgery. I'm very grateful to her."

"Yeah, don't worry. My mommy keeps her promises. She's going to South Side for work today. I think the surgery is today. I'm sure when you recover, your mother would have also fully recovered." 

"Yes, I'm very happy about that!" Dahai was getting sentimental. He raised his hand and wiped away tears.

"See. I didn't lie to you. I did everything I promised," Pudding said proudly.

"Yes, and because I trusted you, I am in this beautiful situation today." Dahai believed that good deeds would pay off. 

"Do you know what happened to the bad guys?" Pudding asked as she stood by his bedside.

Dahai shook his head.

"The bad guys that were in charge of looking after us are sentenced to over 20 years in prison… The leader, that guy called Huo Siyi, committed suicide in prison. That Vietnamese woman that was with her was bombed to death… Injustice is doomed to destruction. It's all karma. They got what they deserved! Dahai, you have to remember that no matter how poor you are, you still can't rob or steal or do anything bad… You have to have dignity!" Pudding suddenly started lecturing the man.

Qin Ning tried very hard to suppress her laughter when she heard Pudding's words. Right now, her niece was like a monk and nobody could stop her preaching.