Chapter 2039: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (20)

"It's okay. You can sleep in while I go downstairs and make breakfast for everyone."

For the first time in four years, Huo Mian was going back to work at South Side. This made her very excited.

Not only did she get up at 6 AM, but she also volunteered to make breakfast for everyone.

The maids in the kitchen were all astonished by her sudden actions and tried to persuade her to just let them do the work.

"Young Madam, leave the cooking to us. You can just tell us what you want to eat."

"Young Madam, you can leave it to us. We can make both Chinese and Western food. You don't have to come into the kitchen. The kitchen is cold. Master would be worried if you get sick…" 

Even Uncle Li came over to try to stop Huo Mian. "Young Madam, you can just leave it to them. You still have work today. You don't have to take it on yourself."

"Uncle Li, it's okay. I can't sleep and I'm in quite a good mood today… I want to make my husband and children a big breakfast… Relax everyone, really…" Huo Mian was rather perplexed by how nervous everyone was.

She didn't come from a rich family so she wasn't the type of girl that couldn't do any household chores.

Even though her cooking wasn't the best, it was still acceptable. She had cooked for Qin Chu before.

They had just gotten married and were living in Imperial Park. At that time, they had the world to themselves.

As work got busier for the both of them, she rarely got the time to cook.

Since they couldn't stop Huo Mian, the maids gave up.

Instead, they assisted Huo Mian.

By the time the twins and Qin Chu woke up, Huo Mian had filled up the table with food.

When Qin Ning came downstairs and saw the table, she was surprised as well. 

"Mian, I heard you made all this?"

"Yes, what do you think? Are you hungry now from looking at it?" Huo Mian said proudly with her arms on her hips.

"Wow… I'm impressed. You know how to make steamed dumplings?" When Qin Ning saw the delicate steamed dumplings on the table, she was very impressed at Huo Mian.

"Did Sis make all this? Wow, this is too unbelievable!" Zhixin scratched his head.

"So… Mommy… What day is it today? What's so special?" Pudding asked when she saw the table full of food.

Little Bean stuffed herself with a piece of red bean pie.

"It tastes good… Mommy, since you're in such a good mood today, can I ask you something?" Little Bean took advantage of Huo Mian's delightedness.

"What is it?"

"Can I eat a little more than usual today since it's Mommy's cooking?" Little Bean looked innocently at Huo Mian.

Little Bean had been eating a lot so Huo Mian had prohibited her from eating so much. When Little Bean was eating, someone had to be watching the amount she ate.

Little Bean could only eat a small amount of food and have some soup.

"Hahaha, that might work…" Huo Mian smiled at Little Bean, giving her permission to eat more.

Qin Chu was the last one to come down for breakfast. He was all dressed up in a suit when he came down.

Qin Chu was handsome so no matter what he wore, so he looked great in it.

"Bro, look how virtuous your wife is! She made a lot of food for us…" Qin Ning said.

Qin Chu looked at the table and then at Huo Mian and asked, "Honey, did you make all this?"

"Yup… Now praise me…" Huo Mian walked over and leaned against Qin Chu's chest.

"I'll serve my lovely wife tonight even harder…" Qin Chu whispered into Huo Mian's ears.

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"Huh? Mommy's face turned red. What dirty stuff did Daddy whisper?" Little Bean asked in curiosity.