Chapter 2034: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (15)

"It doesn't matter now if you believe me or not because Ruan Qingqing is dead. She doesn't matter anymore."

"Dead? That's impossible. Qingqing is very smart! How did she die?"

"Karma's a b*tch. When Ruan Qingqing tried to escape, her boat exploded… She's in billions of pieces now, dead without a whole body… The money and cheques that she cared about are now ashes too… She's not the only one that can't go back to Vietnam. You can't either, do you know that? And you know why? Even though you won't get the death sentence, you will still have many years in prison. 20 is probably your minimum… For the rest of your life, you'd be in prison. Even if you can go out, you'd be an old man by then… Huo Siyi, look at yourself. Do you realize how stupid you are? You blame Huo Siqian for insulting you but you never worked to prove yourself!" 

"It's my business, not your's!" Huo Siyi was once again agitated.

"Don't overthink it. I'm your enemy. Of course I don't care about you. I wish you would die right now! I'm only here because of Huo Yanyan. She's one of the few family members you have left… Even though Yanyan did some bad stuff before, she's a changed person now. She experienced a lot in the past few years and has matured. She's going to start a new life now and you… Well, you don't have that opportunity. Take care."

Huo Mian said her last words to Huo Siyi and turned around to leave.

"Wait… Huo Mian…" Huo Siyi suddenly shouted.


"Who solved the parent bomb?" Huo Siyi thought his plan was perfect.

He even thought that Huo Mian would sacrifice herself for her child because she loved them so much.

He couldn't believe that someone could diffuse such a complicated bomb.

"The person that invented it," Huo Mian uttered calmly.

She turned around and left the prison, leaving Huo Siyi there, standing still and dumbfounded… He stood there, trying to understand Huo Mian's words.

Huo Mian drove towards South Side after leaving prison.

After meeting with Director Wu and some other people from the hospital, she had to go to another meeting with some neurosurgeons to discuss Dahai's mother's surgery. 

After a long day, Huo Mian came home exhausted.

Qin Chu was home before her. Everyone was waiting for her in the living room so they could have dinner together.

"Mommy's back…" Little Bean stood up excitedly.

"Mian, why are you stressing yourself so much even though you're not working anymore?" Qin Ning asked with a smile.

"There are still so many things to figure out."

"Honey, did you get things at South Side settled?" Qin Chu was more interested in when his wife would go back to her old job as a doctor.

"Yeah, Director Wu said I can go back to work anytime. I'm going to do Dahai's mother's operation tomorrow."

"Mommy, you're the best!" Pudding gave Huo Mian a big thumbs up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hmm… Who's behind this? Weren't you the one that promised him?" Huo Mian joked.

"Shouldn't you be praising your daughter for her wits? She was able to save her own life!" Pudding said proudly.

"Yes, yes, yes… You're the best. Okay, I'm starving. Let's go eat!" 

Uncle Li immediately told the kitchen to start serving when he heard Huo Mian say she was hungry.

The whole family went over to the dining room. The twins held onto Tiantian's hand and they sat together at the dinner table. They were adorable. 

Just when dinner was about to start, someone called Qin Chu.

It was from Gao Ran.

Gao Ran told Qin Chu some shocking news. Qin Chu's face immediately sunk when he heard it.

Huo Mian saw his face change so she asked, "What happened, honey?" Huo Mian was rather scared of the answer.