Chapter 2032: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (13)

"Darling…" Jian Tong looked at Su Yu with puppy eyes, eager for attention and love. She desperately wanted Su Yu to help her regain her dignity.

However, not only did Su Yu say nothing, but Pudding also added, "Auntie Jian, you're an old public figure. Do you really think it's appropriate to be calling your boss 'Darling' in public? Even if you have no pride, you still shouldn't be acting like this! Women need to learn to love and respect themselves!" 

Jian Tong: "…"

Qin Ning had no idea what was going on here but one thing was clear: her nieces did not like this woman called Jian Tong.

"*Cough* Um… Jian Tong, why don't you go eat with your friends for now. We can discuss when we're at work."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


"Auntie Jian, stop being so persistent. Guys don't like clingy women… Shoo, shoo… We still have to eat our food!" Little Bean said mockingly.

Jian Tong had to fake a smile and say, "Okay, I'll leave you guys to it."

The instant she turned around, her face became cold.

"Those two brats! Wait and see how I deal with you later!" Jian Tong bemoaned.

When Jian Tong left, Qin Ning probingly asked, "Was that your girlfriend?"

Just when Su Yu was about to respond, Pudding and Little Bean budged in and simultaneously said, "No!"

Su Yu couldn't help but laugh. "Hey you two. She's asking me, okay?"

"It doesn't matter who she asks. The answer will be the same. Our beloved Handsome Su is a man with impeccable taste! Why would our beloved Handsome Su have a bimbo for a girlfriend?" Little Bean said.

Pudding took a sip of juice while gazing at Su Yu. "I agree. If I was a guy, I wouldn't even touch women like Jian Tong even if they threw themselves at me… First, they're dirty. Second, they're disgusting!" 

Su Yu: "…"

"Is she really that bad? Are you sure that you aren't just bullying her?" Qin Ning asked with a chuckle.

"We're not bored, okay? Bully her? Jokes on you… We're just exposing her true identity," Pudding explained.

"Okay, okay… Let's move on and change the topic…"

Su Yu couldn't win an argument against the twins. 

Since Su Yu spoiled the twins, he didn't think them bullying Jian Tong was a problem. 

Meanwhile, Jian Tong and her friends were in a private room, and Jian Tong was in a really bad mood. 

"What's the matter Tong? Why the long face?"

"Why aren't those two brats staying in America? Why did they come back? They're really pissing me off…" Jian Tong hated the twins.

"You're talking about the two little things at President Su's table?" her friend asked.

Jian Tong, still looking grim, nodded. 

"Those two have powerful people behind them… You do know that President Su has a crush on their mommy so of course he'd love them too… I heard that it's not just President Su. His whole family adores the twins. Anyways… They're pretty cute."

"Cute? How are they cute? They don't feel like three-year-olds to me. They're extremely vicious with their words… They're always there, in my way, with President Su… Didn't you see another woman with them? I think they're trying to get that woman and President Su together… No! I can't just sit here doing nothing! I have to figure out a plan!" 

Jian Tong felt like she was losing her importance in Su Yu's life. She had worked so hard to create a scandal about Su Yu and her being in a relationship. Regardless of it being true or not, the public would think it's real.

The twins could ruin what she worked so hard on and she valued how the public perceived her and Su Yu.

"What are you going to do?" Her friend looked at Jian Tong with anticipation.

"I need to figure a way to get the twins out of the picture…" Jian Tong said viciously.