Chapter 2027: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (8)

"It doesn't hurt anymore. The doctor said I'm fine too. Breaking a rib or two is nothing serious; you can always put it back… What about you? How are your kids?" 

"I'm fine, we're all good…" Huo Mian kneeled down and patted Tiantian's head. "Good job. Let me help you feed your mom. You can go take a break."

Tiantian nodded and handed the bowl of congee over to Huo Mian.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Huo Mian carefully fed the congee to Huo Yanyan. "Your body is still weak so you should take a good rest. Don't think about other stuff."

"Mian, how is... Siyi?" Huo Yanyan knew her little brother had become a big bad guy but she was still very worried for him.

Huo Mian stopped her movements. She held onto the bowl of congee and said, "The police have him now. He's waiting for a court trial."

"*Sighs* He's so silly… Why would he make such a move… Mian, listen to me… Siyi wasn't like that before… You know him… Even though he's not a reliable person and has a bad temper, he's not cruel… That woman is the one to blame for all this… That woman is really evil, just like Medusa… Siyi wasn't the brains behind this… He listened to her… You have to make sure the police catch her… She's the mastermind while Siyi is only an accomplice…" 

"Yanyan, I know… It was Yuan Qingqing's plan and Huo Siyi was used by her… He was only a chess piece to her."

"Has the police caught her yet?" Huo Yanyan asked anxiously.

"No. She's dead."

"Dead?" Huo Yanyan was shocked.

"Yeah. She left Huo Siyi and went on the boat alone. When the boat was in international waters, it exploded… Nothing is left of her now…"

"Karma's a b*tch… Good… That evil woman got what she deserved!" Huo Yanyan was very happy to hear that Yuan Qingqing was dead.

"Yanyan, thank you so much for taking on the risk and saving my daughters."

Huo Mian put down the bowl of congee and held onto Huo Yanyan's hand.

"You're welcome. You helped me a lot before and I'm not a person that forgets who was nice to me… I don't want to lose my conscience… Honestly though, even if it weren't your kids but some random stranger's kids, I'd still set them free… I cannot participate in such a heartless operation…"

After being through so much, Huo Yanyan fully believed in karma: good and evil would always be rewarded…

That was why she firmly believed she did the right thing this time.

"What do you have planned for the future?" Huo Mian asked.

"I don't know… I don't know what I can do with a body like this. I want to go see Siyi in prison once my own wounds are better… If I have the opportunity, I want to pick up my mom from Vietnam…"

"She probably won't have the courage to come back… After all, Huo Siqian is still alive…" Huo Mian reminded her.

"Huo Siqian probably won't kill my mom. My brother is now in prison… The grudge between us should stop now… I don't have any family left here. All I have is my mom and she's still in Vietnam. I don't want her to be lonely away from home… I miss her."

Huo Yanyan said in a soft voice… Huo Mian pitied Huo Yanyan…

"Yanyan, just focus on getting better. Tiantian should go to kindergarten. When you can leave the hospital, I'll gift you one of GK's two-bedroom apartments. You can move at any time. I even sorted out a spot at a school for Tiantian and if you want, you can come work for GK… If you don't want to, I can give you some money so you can open up a small shop… This will probably help you and Tiantian live a better life…" 

"Mian, you don't have to treat me so well. You owe me nothing… I just did what I should have when I saved your daughters…" Huo Yanyan was slightly appalled by Huo Mian's generosity.