Chapter 2026: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (7)

"Do you think I'm the type that would become a stay-at-home mom?" Huo Mian smiled at Yang and replied.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Of course not. That's why I'm curious why you would quit!"

"I think this isn't for me. I took on the position for three years on behalf of President Qin and now that he's back, I can rescind to the background."

"Then…" Yang had a clue of what Huo Mian was going to say.

Bella's reaction was quicker and she said, "President Huo, are you going back to South Side?" 

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded.

All the executives were in shock…

"My dream since I was a little kid was to become a doctor and that's still my dream now… Being a doctor is my biggest dream and goal… I had worked hard to fulfill that dream but I didn't have a choice before. Now that President Qin is back, I can go back to being a doctor with no regrets…"

The room went silent when Huo Mian finished her short speech…

They might not understand because a doctor did not make that much money. A doctor's annual salary might not even be as much as the profit from any one of the deals Huo Mian helped get the GK Corporation. 

However, not everything in this world could be measured by money.

There were things money couldn't buy, for instance, time, happiness, dreams, and dignity.

There were many people that got lost and forget their dreams but Huo Mian was able to remember her true self.

That was another reason why Qin Chu loved her so much…

"Thank you all so much for supporting me for the last three years at work… Thank you for your time and effort at GK… President Qin and I are sincerely grateful to you all… Please continue your good work and I hope we will have a brighter future…"

Then, Huo Mian stepped back and bowed to all her coworkers in the room.

"Oh, President Huo. Please, please, get back up, we can't take a bow from you." Everyone was panicking. 

Huo Mian smiled and then whispered something to Qin Chu.

"I still have some personal matters to attend to. You can continue the meeting without me. Starting today, President Qin will officially be back at work. I'll leave you all to update him."

Then, Huo Mian turned around and left the conference room as Qin Chu calmly led the meeting.

Huo Mian drove back to the First Hospital.

There were three very special patients there: Huo Yanyan, Dahai, and Huo Siqian.

These people were all connected to the kidnapping so Huo Mian had to go see them.

She was worried about Huo Yanyan the most because Huo Yanyan had helped her a lot this time.

Huo Yanyan risked getting on Huo Siyi's bad side and secretly set her daughters free. This had made Yuan Qingqing furious.

Yuan Qingqing had her subordinates beat Huo Yanyan, breaking two of her ribs.

The kids were scared and when she came back last night, it was already very late, so Huo Mian didn't go out.

Today, she had finished handing over the company work to Qin Chu and had no responsibilities on her. She was finally free to deal with these personal matters.

- In the patient room - 

Tiantian was tip-toeing to feed Huo Yanyan congee when Huo Mian entered.

"Mommy, eat slower. It's hot…" the little girl said.

Huo Mian's eyes became watery. She had heard before that kids from poverty were more mature and it seemed like that was a very accurate saying. Huo Yanyan's daughter wasn't that much older than Pudding and Little Bean but she was already very sweet and was a great helper.

"Yanyan…" Huo Mian said softly before she walked over.

"Mian, you're here." When Huo Yanyan saw Huo Mian walk over, she felt very emotional.

Huo Mian didn't even realize that Huo Yanyan called her "Mian" instead of "Huo Mian".

"How do you feel today? Does it still hurt?" Huo Mian walked over and asked fondly.