Chapter 2021: Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (2)

"Little Bean, stop speaking nonsense." Su Yu also felt quite awkward.

"I'm not saying nonsense. Everyone has noticed that you haven't spoken to Mommy… So does this mean you're not going to forgive her this time?"

"Hey hey… Little Bean, focus on your meal." Huo Mian couldn't just watch anymore. She was indeed a little gossiper.

"I'm not mad at your mommy. It's fantastic you guys were able to come back safely," Su Yu patiently explained.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Then prove it. Say a few words to my mommy." Little Bean wouldn't let it go.

"Pudding, please make your sis stop," Su Yu begged for help.

However, after briefly glancing at Su Yu, Pudding said, "What my sister said is right. If Handsome Su doesn't speak to Mommy, how will everyone be able to enjoy themselves."

Su Yu: "…"

Huo Mian: "…"

"Pudding, if you put it that way, aren't you afraid that your father will get jealous?" Wei Liao teased.

"Would my daddy be so narrow-minded? You're underestimating my daddy, Uncle Wei. My daddy is a hero who is willing to risk his life to save us."

"Well, since you spoke so highly of me, even if I wanted to get jealous, I can't." Qin Chu began to joke.

In the end, Su Yu had no other choice but to awkwardly look at Huo Mian. "What happened today was too dangerous… Please don't be so impulsive next time. No, that's not right. There shouldn't be a next time… You almost scared everyone to death."

Huo Mian laughed a little. "I know. Thank you. What happened today has caused you to worry again. Additionally, you and Grandpa Su even brought a bunch of people to look for us."

"That's not what's important. What's important is that you have all come back safely."

After Su Yu and Huo Mian spoke, the tension in the room diminished. 

At the dinner table, everyone began chatting amongst themselves.

After eating, the stuffed twins grabbed Su Yu's hand and mysteriously took him with them back to their room.

"Handsome Su, we have a gift for you."

"I know. A Versace belt?" Su Yu said arrogantly.

"Holy crap… How did you know? There must be a spy amongst us… Sis, did you tell him?" Little Bean was furious. 

"How's that possible? Are you kidding? Am I that kind of person?" Pudding replied pridefully.

"Stop arguing. Qin Ning was the one who told me," Su Yu crossed his arms and said, pleased.

"Auntie? How did she tell you? Have you guys been secretly keeping in contact?" Pudding was stunned.

"Wow… something's definitely up… You and Auntie have been going against our backs and dating?" Little Bean covered her mouth while laughing.

"Please… Little Bean, that's not how you use that phrase…" Su Yu was speechless.

"Tell us quickly! How did you guys get in touch?" the gossipy twins asked.

In the end, Su Yu told them about his call with Qin Ning.

"What is this… Auntie is so not trustworthy… she even told him our secret. Humph, now the surprise is ruined." Little Bean pouted.

Pudding gave the present to Su Yu. "Accept it. Due to this belt, both of us got a good beating." 

"Wait. It's not us. It's me… It was me that got a beating from Miss Huo, okay?" Little Bean pointed to herself.

Su Yu couldn't resist and burst out in laughter. Little Bean looked too cute to resist.

"You still dare to laugh? It was all because of you! You really make me crazy, so heartless…" Little Bean pouted and complained.

"You deserved the beating… Now we'll see if you two still dare to leave the house by yourselves. Beating you is the only way you'll remember," Su Yu added.

"Wow… How can you be so heartless? Do Grandpa and Grandma Su know about this?" Little Bean shot back at Su Yu.

Suddenly, Little Bean remembered something important. 

"Handsome Su, is Auntie almost here soon as well? Shouldn't you go and pick her up? She did especially call you and tell you her schedule…" Pudding tilted her head, looked at Su Yu, and asked.