Chapter 2019: Fortune’s Favor Awaits Those who Survived the Catastrophe (10)

"It won't be, Sis. It's not the first time for me, you don't have to worry," Lu Yan's heart was filled with warmth when she saw the concerned look in Huo Mian's eyes. For the first time, she was able to experience the feeling of having an older sister that worried about her – what a wonderful feeling it was!

"How long will it take you to finish everything?"

"It will take three days at the very least."

"Where will you go after you finish?"

"Probably Russia? After all, it's safer with Psycho Qiao," Lu Yan thought about it for a moment and replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Please be careful."

"I will." 

"Oh, by the way, I once received a very expensive gourd made out of jade."

"It came from me! I have one too, ours is a pair." Lu Yan smiled. 

Huo Mian understood immediately. Previously, she was pretty concerned about receiving such an expensive gift out of nowhere. 

"Slow down, there's no rush. You won't be able to digest well if you eat this fast."

"Sis, are you happy right now?" Lu Yan looked Huo Mian in the eyes and asked in a serious manner. She had finished the bowl of noodle soup in a couple of bites and put the bowl aside. 

"Yes, I'm very happy. The journey had been quite difficult, but I got the results I wanted. All my life, I never really had a lot of ambition. I just wanted to be with Qin Chu and bear his children. All I wanted was a simple life where I could live my everyday life to the fullest. If I still have extra time, I'd like to go back and be a doctor someday. Even though the work at South Side is tough, but at least it's fulfilling. I really enjoy living a fulfilled life with a fast tempo," Huo Mian recalled the past carefully. 

"That's good. As long as you're happy. Dad was right, the separation of our family in order for you to live all these years peacefully was all worth it. If Mom knew, she would be very happy," said Lu Yan, her eyes a little misty. 

"Yan, are you separated from Dad most of the time?" Huo Mian asked gently. 

"Yeah. When I was still a young girl, I knew I didn't come from a regular family. Dad always had to hide because different people kept looking for him. He spent most of his time either in the lab or running for his life with me. After Mom's incident, we've been on the run all over the world, and it's during those times that I learned a lot of survival skills. Just like Dad, I learned to develop bio-weapons and stuff. I'm very interested in explosives and I also became more and more ballsy, so after a while, I began fighting back at the people that have been chasing me. After that, Dad basically let me do whatever I want. So, I've been on the run on my own since then. I had spent a few years in Hong Kong, and I had also gone to school there. I fell in love with a boy, but he was shot dead because of me," Lu Yan said lightly. But, Huo Mian could feel the fragile heart that was beating underneath the emotionless Lu Yan that sat in front of her. 

"A little while after that, I was older, so I stopped going to school. I could basically learn everything on my own with one glance. I've been traveling around the world since then. I like Italy and Turkey. It's a little bit dangerous and messy there, but those two places can make me rich. I like Dubai too, I can spend money like there's no tomorrow, and sometimes, that makes me feel a little alive. I also went to the United States Military Academy. At the graduation ceremony, I killed the drillmaster that had been bullying me all year and scored myself a name on the FBI's Most Wanted." Lu Yan chuckled and continued, "Sis, can you believe all of this? Is what I'm saying too far off from the life that you've experienced?" Lu Yan smiled as she looked at Huo Mian, but sadness showed at the corner of her eyes. 

"Yan. All these years, it's been tough on you." Huo Mian gently embraced Lu Yan into her arms as her voice quivered.