Chapter 2018: Fortune’s Favor Awaits Those who Survived the Catastrophe (9)

"An assassin? Um… that's a little bit of a low description, to say the least. Sis, I'm like a mercenary la~" It was rather unusual for everyone to see the usual tough-sounding Lu Yan act like a little kid. 

"A mercenary? I… I've only ever heard about that in stories and on TV," Huo Mian said in disbelief. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I will tell you about it when I have a chance! I'm a little rushed for time right now, and I'm a little hungry. When we get home, can you make me a bowl of noodles? I have the helicopter picking me up soon after." 

"Leaving so soon?" Huo Mian looked at Lu Yan, hardly masking the disappointment in her eyes. 

"Yes. I couldn't have stayed long, either way, it would expose me. I need to return to the Golden Triangle immediately since I have some unfinished business there. Oh, by the way, I will make sure everything is taken care of at the Vietnam gang, so you guys don't need to worry about it anymore," Lu Yan emphasized. 

"That's good, saves me the trouble of doing it myself. There's no way Huo Siyi should be able to return to Vietnam alive, and Ruan Qingqing is dead now. The people that are associated with this incident in Vietnam should be cleared as much as possible, especially Huo Siyi's mother, Shen Jiani. We need to find her and wipe her out too," Qin Chu said without any hesitation. It was through this incident that he learned that there's no place for softness of heart. He almost lost both his wife and daughter. 

"Honey, Shen Jiani didn't really do any harm to us," Huo Mian emphasized. 

"If you cut the weeds without digging up their roots, they'll grow again when the spring breeze blows. There's a reason for Shen Jiani to hold a grudge against us knowing Huo Siyi will never be able to return. She will find ways to give us trouble in the future, so we can't leave any chances. I know you can't do these kinds of things. That's okay, just leave it to me." 

"Nah, just let me handle it. Easy peasy." Lu Yan waved her hand. 

Qin Chu gave Su Yu a call and told him to meet at the South Manor with Pudding. 

By the time everybody arrived, Su Yu was already waiting for them. 

Jing Zhixin and Yang Meirong also waited at home as they were worried sick. 

Su Yu didn't have the heart to tell them exactly what happened until it was confirmed that they could arrive home safely. 

Yang Meirong hugged Pudding tightly and wept. 

"Mian, I'm so glad you guys came back safely."

Right before the group was about to arrive at the South Manor, Huo Mian whispered in Lu Yan's ear, "My mom doesn't know my identity yet, please keep it a secret." 

"I know, Sis." Lu Yan nodded. 

"Wow, you must be Pudding! So adorable! You guys look identical!" Lu Yan ran over in an attempt to hug Pudding. 

Pudding took two steps back alarmingly while Yang Meirong looked at the girl in front of her with surprise. 

"This lady is...?" 

"Oh! She's an expert on the bomb squad. Thanks to her timely arrival, Little Bean and I were able to return safely," Huo Mian explained. 

"Really? Thank you so much, Miss." Yang Meirong held onto Lu Yan's hand with gratitude. 

"Uncle Li, please prepare a bowl of hot noodle soup," said Huo Mian. 

By the time everybody arrived home, Little Bean had woken up as well. The two sisters gave each other a big hug as soon as they saw each other. 

Kids will be kids, as soon as they got back; they had put all the unhappy events behind them. Immediately, they were playing together hand-in-hand, almost forgetting the dangerous event that just happened to them. 

Yang Meirong went to help out the kitchen while Zhixin rinsed some fruits to welcome everyone. 

In little to no time, Wei Liao, Jiang Xiaowei, Zhu Lingling, and Gao Ran had all arrived. 

Everyone else was told the story afterward; they could only imagine the terror after the fact. 

Huo Mian prepared a bowl of noodle soup at the kitchen and brought it to a private room with just Lu Yan and her. 

Lu Yan was starving and devoured the noodles like a wolf chowing down on a big meal. Every now and then, she would glance up at Huo Mian and smile contently. 

"Yan, slow down, it's too hot!" 

"Sis, do you like noodles?" 

"It's alright; I'm not a picky eater." 

"We are rather opposite of each other. I'm a very picky eater. Dad always calls me a princess with a hobo life, haha." 

"Yan, do you have to go back to the Golden Triangle?" 

Lu Yan nodded. 

"Will… it be dangerous?" Huo Mian asked warily.