Chapter 1984: I’m Back for Revenge (15)

"Mian usually isn't that rash… It's because her kids' lives are in danger, so she's acting especially irrationally."

"Of course. Every mother wants to protect her children…" Qin Ning was sobbing.

"Don't cry or worry. Your brother and I are thinking of every possible way to save them. It shouldn't take long."

"Do you know who's the kidnapper?" Qin Ning asked.

"I heard it's Huo Siyi… One of Mian's old nemeses."

"So it doesn't look that great. If he was just after a ransom, then the situation would be a lot simpler, but he wants revenge… Su Yu… I heard you come from a powerful family. Please save Mian. Don't let them get hurt… Please…"

Qin Ning begged Su Yu for help while in tears.

"Don't worry. Even if you didn't ask me to save them, I'll still do my best."

"You're a very important and special person to the twins… You're the second most important man in their lives, just right after my brother… Did you know what happened in Los Angeles?" 


"The twins went out on their own to buy a present for you. They avoided me, the guards, and even the security cameras and disappeared for four hours… We were all petrified. All the twins wanted to do was buy a nice gift for you on their own. When Mian found out, she gave them a huge lecture and even hit Little Bean."

Su Yu listened quietly, feeling very bad inside.

"The present should be in their luggage. It's a limited edition Versace belt. Pudding said you liked that brand."

"Those kids…" Su Yu was starting to get emotional too.

"When Pudding and Little Bean were in the States, they would emphasize how great their Handsome Su was, and how nice you are to them... You were like their dad… I heard them talk about these things so much that I believed them. Kids are pure and honest. They would like whoever treats them well and because you treat them so well, they love you a lot."

"Yeah, I love them a lot too…" For the past three years, Su Yu had been with them throughout the whole way. Su Yu was the one that carried them out of the hospital and ever since then, he had been very attached to them.

Just like their parents, Su Yu witnessed the twins' growth and felt great joy.

Now that the twins were missing, he was as worried as Huo Mian and Qin Chu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You have to save them. I beg of you Su Yu…" Qin Ning was influenced by the twins; she felt that Su Yu was an incredible and omnipotent person. Especially because she knew he had an army background.

Although Qin Ning kept begging Su Yu, Su Yu was actually very anxious and worried. 

"I will save them. Don't worry."

"I'm going to book a plane ticket back to China now." Qin Ning hung up before Su Yu could respond.

Su Yu lifted his hand to wipe off the tears in the corner of his eyes.

In order to buy him a present, the twins had gone through a great ordeal. No wonder Huo Mian was blaming herself for being too mean to them.

Those kids…

When Qin Chu heard that Huo Mian was missing, he immediately made Gao Ran track her last call.

He heard Huo Mian and Huo Siyi's conversation. After finishing, his eyes became dreary. 

"He must be up to no good to make Huo Mian go alone. She can't go! Huo Mian's being irrational!" Gao Ran exclaimed.

"She'll go for the kids. That's the Mian I know…" Qin Chu was surprisingly calm.

"Can you trace the coordinates from where Huo Siyi made the call?" Qin Chu turned around and asked a police officer.