Chapter 1983: I’m Back for Revenge (14)

Huo Mian was running the opposite direction of Su Yu, straight towards the exit.

When the doctors arrived, Su Yu realized Huo Mian was gone… Only then did he realized that he had fallen into Huo Mian's trap.

He immediately called Qin Chu.

"Qin Chu…"


"Huo Mian…" Su Yu was ashamed so he couldn't say it out loud.

"What about Mian?" Qin Chu was worried by Su Yu's hesitation. 

"Just now, she pretended to faint so I ran out to call the doctors. When I came back, she was gone," Su Yu said anxiously.

"She's gone? How? Did you hear her picking up any calls?" Qin Chu guessed that Huo Siyi must've contacted Huo Mian.

"I didn't hear any calls but…"

"But what?" 

"She was in the washroom before she pretended to faint, and the walls are soundproof so I couldn't hear anything. I'm not absolutely sure she didn't pick up any calls. She was in the washroom for around five minutes."

"I understand."

They ended the call. Both Qin Chu and Su Yu were worried sick about Huo Mian.

Su Yu started to call everyone he knew, trying to have people investigate where Huo Mian and the twins were.

Just then, Qin Ning called.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Yu didn't know Qin Ning's number. He saw the call was from the States so he hesitated before picking up.


"Su Yu?" Qin Ning asked as she wasn't sure either.

"Yes, that's me. Who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Qin Ning."

"Qin Ning? Oh, you're Qin Chu's cousin sister." Su Yu realized who he was talking to now.

"Yes, it's me. From the timing, my brother and his family should have arrived in China. I tried calling Pudding and Little Bean but they aren't picking up. I also tried calling Mian and my brother, but they aren't picking up either… I'm worried about them. Did something happen?"

"How did you get my number?" Su Yu was curious.

It was rather surprising to Su Yu that Qin Ning had his cellphone number.

"When Pudding and Little Bean were here, they often mumbled your number and it's easy to remember so it got embedded in my memory. Am I disturbing you?"

"No… but we are in some trouble right now."

"What trouble? Are they in trouble?" Qin Ning was very worried.

Qin Chu didn't want to pick up Qin Ning's call because he was in no mood to explain the situation to her. Time was also limited and he did not want her to worry.

Su Yu knew that they couldn't keep this a secret to her for too long.

"They're in trouble. I can tell you but you have to promise to stay calm and not to tell anyone in your family, especially your dad and the twins' grandparents. They will worry…"

"Okay, I promise."

"The twins are missing," Su Yu told Qin Ning the truth.

"They're missing? What does that mean?" Qin Ning couldn't put the picture together.

"Someone might have kidnapped them." 

"Kidnapped?" When Qin Ning heard this word, her mind went blank.

"How can that happen? My brother is a very cautious person. They have bodyguards everywhere they go. How can someone kidnap the twins under their nose?" 

"It's obviously a scheme. Even if your brother was prepared, he would still have some blind spots. This isn't the time to determine whether your brother was careless or not… Everyone is anxious and trying to find the kids."

"Mian is probably worried sick… As the mother of the twins, she's probably the most affected," Qin Ning asked. She started crying too.

"Huo Mian is also missing… just as of now…" Su Yu said hesitantly.

"What?" Qin Ning's mind was exploding with all the information.

"Your brother told me to keep an eye on her but I let her slip away. She probably got a call from the kidnappers and is trying to save her kids." 

"Oh my god! Mian is a woman… How can she save her children by herself? How can she be this foolish?" For the first time in her life, Qin Ning thought that Huo Mian was irrational.