Chapter 1979: I’m Back for Revenge (10)

"Pudding, do you think we'll really have a chance to escape?" Little Bean was surprised by Pudding's words.

"Even if we can't, we still have to try! Are we going to sit here and wait for death?"

"But Mommy and Daddy are probably worried sick after they discovered we were missing." Little Bean puffed her cheeks and opened her big round eyes.

"Mommy and Daddy will find us for sure. They're incredible people, not to mention how smart they are. Don't worry," Pudding placated Little Bean.

"But Pudding, what if we're killed before Mommy and Daddy find us?"

"Even if they kill us, you're going to be the first one to die." Pudding glanced coldly at her sister.

"Why?" Little Bean obviously wasn't happy with the answer.

"Man should fear fame as pigs fear to get fat. You're fatter so they'll kill you first," Pudding joked.

"What? Qin Zhaozhao, your jokes aren't funny at all. When did you even start joking around with me? Are you getting a bit too relaxed?" Little Bean was speechless.

"I'm just kidding. Don't get all tensed up. Let's dig in. We'll think about what we should do after eating."

Then, Pudding led Little Bean over to a corner in the warehouse.

They each took a bento box and held it with their small hands. It was a very sad scene.

"Take this, have as much as you can." When Pudding opened the bento box, she realized there were only two types of dishes. One was very fat and oily pork braised in brown sauce and the other was stir-fried spinach. Their meal was awful and in Little Bean's words, it wasn't even something they would feed their pets.

It was cold. Their kidnappers probably bought it some time ago.

"Pudding, there're only two pieces of meat. If you give them to me, what are you going to eat?" Little Bean looked at her sister with puppy eyes.

"I don't like meat. I'm sick of it. Vegetables are good. They have vitamins in them." Then, Pudding stuffed herself with a mouthful of vegetables.

"Hmph, you never say your mind… I know you love me. Would it kill you to say it? You say you're like Daddy but I think Daddy is better than you because he would often confess his love for our mommy…" Little Bean complained about her sister's indirect way of expressing herself. 

"Excuse me, Qin Mumu. Daddy and Mommy are husband and wife while we're sisters. What kind of comparison is that, are you stupid?"

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The twins argued while eating so time flew by quickly. The main accomplishment now was that Little Bean was no longer that scared; she knew her sister would be by her side.

Pudding was very mature. She gave the meat to Little Bean. Pudding was worried that Little Bean would be cold, so they snuggled together in a corner.

Pudding talked to Little Bean about interesting things she read from books or saw on television.

Meanwhile, Huo Siyi flipped through the twins' phones.

"Oh, these two brats have such new phones…"

He was surprised how the two brats had the most advanced phone model from some brand on the market.

"Boss, it's about time. We should call for the ransom." The man with sneaky-looking eyes walked in with a chuckle.

"Why the rush? How are they?" Huo Siyi was slightly annoyed.

"They're good. They said they were hungry so I gave them food and water."

"Really? Wow… they sure are wickedly smart kids… they can keep calm in such a situation."

"Boss, say, who do you think we should call? After much investigation, we've gathered quite a lot of information. These twins are princesses to Huo Mian and Qin Chu but Su Yu loves them as well. Does that mean we can blackmail both of them and get twice the ransom?!" Huo Siyi's subordinate was very greedy.