Chapter 1967: The Sound of Bad Luck Knocking on Your Door 18

Qin Chu knew that while disciplining children, if one parent was lenient and the other one was not, then the results would be ineffective.

Therefore, he turned his head so that he didn't have to watch.

In an instant, Little Bean's hands reddened. Her face was flushed too, maybe due to the pain.

The only thing was that she didn't cry. She was usually a crybaby, but this time, she clenched her teeth.

After the beating, Pudding began crying before Huo Mian could say anything.

She was especially sad because she knew that her sister took the blame and the beating for her.

"Sis, stop crying. It doesn't hurt, it really doesn't hurt. Mommy didn't use force at all." Little Bean forced out a smile.

At that moment, Qin Chu's eyes became wet.

Huo Mian almost cried as well...

Both Qin Chu and Huo Mian knew that it was Pudding's idea, they just didn't think that Little Bean would take the blame.

Huo Mian intentionally beat Little Bean to hurt Pudding.

They were twins, and Pudding could almost feel the beating that Little Bean took.

"Mommy, it wasn't her idea…" Pudding cried while speaking.

Little Bean walked over and covered her mouth.

"Mommy, if you're finished, can we go? We know what we did wrong."

"You can leave, Pudding has to stay."

"Huh? I said that it wasn't her. Mommy, you're going back on your word!" Little Bean was agitated.

"I'm not."

"Then are you going to hit Sis?"

"No, I am not going to hit her. You took all the beating for her." Huo Mian looked at Little Bean.

"Honey, bring Little Bean out first. I have to talk to Pudding."


Qin Chu nodded, picked up Little Bean, and said, "Let's go, Daddy is going to clean you up."

"Daddy, it doesn't hurt. Stay to help Pudding." Little Bean was a little scared.

"Don't worry, Mommy won't beat her."

Finally, Qin Chu walked out the door with Little Bean in his arms...

Pudding was still crying, and her dress was wet from her tears.

Her neat braids were falling apart now, she looked like she was in a mess.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Little Bean, does it hurt?" right as they went out the door, Qin Chu kissed Little Bean's cheek and asked.

"Do you want to know the truth?" looking sad and mistreated, Little Bean asked her father.

"Of course."

Little Bean whispered into Qin Chu's ear, "It hurts so much, Mommy put so much force into it."

"Then why didn't you cry?"

"I know that if I cry, Pudding will feel bad…" Little Bean maturely said.

Qin Chu felt bad. After all, she was only three.

She was already so mature, and normally, Little Bean looked like a ditzy cutie.

He didn't know that she was so thoughtful of her sister.

"Little Bean, it's obviously your sister's idea, why did you take the blame? Don't you know that you'll be beaten?" Qin Chu was curious about what Little Bean thought.

"I know, I was mentally prepared." Little Bean nodded.

"You still took the blame though?"

"Because, the last time she did something wrong, Mommy punished her. I feel like she'll be mentally scarred if she also got punished again this time. Maybe she'll think that Mommy doesn't love her."

After hearing Little Bean say that, Qin Chu's tears fell.

He couldn't control himself anymore...

"What about you? Wouldn't you be scared? Are you mentally scarred?" Qin Chu hugged his daughter tightly.

"I'm fine, I have a bigger heart than Pudding. She's more introverted. It's just a flesh wound, it'll heal after a few days. Daddy, why are you crying? You're not handsome when you cry."

Little Bean wholesomely wiped Qin Chu's tears away.

Inside the room, Huo Mian looked at Pudding with a heavy heart. She sternly asked, "Pudding, is there anything you wanna tell Mommy?"