Chapter 1953: The Sound of Bad Luck Knocking on your Door (4)

"Let's go and look for them, but we can't let the others know," Qin Ning's dad said worriedly.

Qin Ning knew that if the local mobsters found out that the children of GK's President had gone missing, they might try to kidnap them for their own gain.

Therefore, they had no choice but to look for them in secret, without knowing where they might've gone. Without any clues, where were they supposed to start?

- Outside some luxury-goods store -

A pair of twins wearing identical clothes stood outside.

"Sis, why did we have to sneak out? We're just buying a present for Handsome Su! We should've asked Auntie to come with us," Little Bean complained.

"If she came with us, the present wouldn't be hand-picked by us."

"But wouldn't she worry? We didn't even bring our cellphones."

"We'll be back soon, what are you so scared of?" Pudding replied calmly.

"But we didn't have to purposely avoid the surveillance cameras# Grandpa and Auntie might freak out if they found out that we disappeared."

"What's with all the questions? If you're so worried, why don't you go home first? If Auntie found out where we're going, would we be able to leave the mansion on our own?"

"But why did we have to go out alone?" Little Bean asked. It was obvious she didn't quite agree with her sister's actions.

"Do you enjoy being followed by a bunch of bodyguards?" Pudding asked matter-of-factly.

Pudding shook her head immediately. "No, but we don't have much of a choice# Mommy said Huo Siqian's always trying to kidnap us, and Handsome Su told us to beware of him."

"We're not in China, are we? We're in the States# Huo Siqian's not powerful enough to do whatever he wants here."

"You have a point." Little Bean nodded in agreement.

"If Auntie found out where we wanted to go, she's definitely going to make the bodyguards come with us# I want to experience being alone in a foreign country," Pudding said.

"What's wrong with you? I feel like this is so unsafe... Let's buy something and head home# I don't want to be kidnapped. After all, we're really pretty," Little Bean said, unable to hide her narcissism.

"Stop it, Little Bean, our looks are nothing compared to the blond hair and blue eyes here, no one's going to pay attention to us. Stop daydreaming, will you?" Pudding said, turning around and heading into the luxury-goods store before Little Bean could refute.

Little Bean immediately followed her sister. She wasn't as brave as Pudding, nor was she as mature. At the end of the day, she was still a kid and therefore relied on her sister without intending to.

Pudding was usually the one who made the decisions, while Little Bean only cared about food.

"Hi kids!" A beautiful store clerk walked up curiously; she had never seen customers so young.

"Hi, may I please see some men's belts?" Pudding looked up, asking in perfect English.

"Belts? Are you buying a present?"

"Yes." Pudding nodded.

"Where are you parents?" the clerk asked in confusion; why were the two children here at a luxury-goods store alone?