Chapter 195: Attitude

Chapter 195: Attitude
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Before Su Yu could say anything else, Huo Mian turned around and walked out the door, leaving Su Yu dumbfounded and alone in the room.

What was that? Did she just provoke him?

How dare she say that he was immature, what a damn despicable woman! Was she sick of living?

"Anyone alive out there? Come in, one of you losers," roared Su Yu.

Then, a bodyguard hurriedly ran over, "Young Master, any orders?"

"Do you remember the nurse that just walked out?"

"I do." The bodyguard nodded humbly.

"Right, remember her face, and don't let her enter my room anymore."

"Yes, sir."

Su Yu pressed down on the needled spot with fury in his heart. His bad temper was widely known by those around him.

Ever since he was a little kid, others have embraced him like the moon in the sky, and not even his parents had ever spoken loudly to him.

The friends he made respected him greatly and paraded him as the leader of their group. No one ever dared to rebut him, no matter what kind of decisions he made.

Later on, the various women he met were even bigger suck-ups. They were basically willing to kneel down and lick his shoes.

However, he knew that all of these people only did so because of his family fame, and the power that name wielded.

As the sole heir of the Su Family, Su Yu was regarded as a rare treasure.

His grandfather, the military chief, also spoiled him rotten.

His grandpa has once said, "Yu, grandpa will always support any decisions you make, as long as it's not anything that harms society or challenges ethical standards."

Due to his arrogant temper as a young kid, he was sent to the military.

He graduated with the highest distinction in his platoon, but just as he was about to be promoted to regiment commander, he suddenly announced a change of career.

After the transition, he wanted to open a business for fun but refused to deal with the family bank, and so his dad provided him with a small business investment of 500,000,000 yuan.

Within the short five years, Imperial Star Entertainment quickly rose up as a major player in the domestic entertainment industry.

The company paved the way for many well-known celebrities, and just last year, signed the popular actress, Miss Annie Liang, with an 8,000,000 yuan contract.

Imperial Star Entertainment's stocks have also increased at a great pace, with a profit of one billion in a single quarter.

The movies they've produced all set box office records, and so it was undeniable that Su Yu was an exceptionally talented businessman.

Everyone in the Su Family spoiled this precious boy rotten…

He picked women like they were flowers from a field and was seen with several girls each month.

From actresses to models, from socialites to T.V. hosts, these women come from various fields and all wanted to be by his side.

None of them dared to even think about becoming Mrs. Su, but they were all quite happy to be just his lover, because even that would provide them with unlimited prestige and wealth.

Apparently, Young Master Su was a big spender, and his catchphrase was, "Issues that can be solved with money are not issues."

Anyways, he had plenty of money to throw around.

He was truly a golden boy, who got tormented by an unknown little nurse on the second day he settled into South Side Recuperation Center.

He was even called immature; Su Yu had enough, so he told his bodyguards to ban Huo Mian from his room.

After Huo Mian successfully took Su Yu's blood sample, she headed over to room 2 to take care of the older patient.

The grandpa looked quite well, as he sat on the bed and played Chinese chess alone.

Huo Mian smiled, "Grandpa, aren't you bored by yourself?"

"It won't make a difference to me. These days, youngsters wouldn't know how to play this game. You kids only know online games and smartphone games. That grandson of mine plays that plants versus corpses game on his phone all the time."

"Haha, it's plants versus zombies," Huo Mian laughed, as she found the grandpa quite adorable.

"I don't know what he's fighting against, but thanks to technological advancement, these traditional games gradually lost its edge." He sighed.

Huo Mian walked over, looked at the chessboard, and moved one of the knights.

The old man raised his head in slight surprise, "You know Chinese chess?"

"A bit." Huo Mian slightly smiled.

"Come, child, sit down and play a few rounds with me," said the grandpa in excitement.

Huo Mian didn't refuse. She sat down across from the old man and put herself into the game.

After three rounds, the grandpa's face grew dull, "You were lying kiddo, what did you mean by 'a bit'? You're clearly a Chinese chess expert."

Huo Mian won two of the three rounds, and the final round was a tie, only because Huo Mian tried to save the grandpa's dignity. However, it was obvious to the old man, given his experience and age.

Huo Mian awkwardly smiled, because she really wasn't some expert. When she was young, she used to watch Uncle Jing teach Zhixing how to play, and oddly found her way through since. She hadn't played over these years, but she felt familiar as soon as she touched the chess board.

"Come on, that didn't count. Let's play some more." Addicted, the old man wanted to keep playing.

Just then, the head nurse knocked, "Huo Mian, come out for a second."