Chapter 1944: The Twins Went Missing (15)

"Oh, she went back?" When Rick talked about Xixi, he obviously lacked confidence.

Through his eyes, Huo Mian could see that a lot was on his mind.

"Did you really forget about her?" Huo Mian asked.

"So what if I didn't?" Rick smiled bitterly.

"Rick. My sixth sense is usually accurate and I'm pretty good at reading people... I think you still like Xixi."

"Yes, I like Xixi." When Rick uttered Xixi's name, his eyes gave out a rare, soft light.

Huo Mian remained silent.

"But with relationships, just love isn't enough. There are many other things that come into play#"

"Like what?" Huo Mian frowned.

"A person's background," Rick slowly uttered.

"You don't like her because she came from an ordinary background?" Huo Mian seemed surprised.

"No. I'm disgusted by myself. Xixi's from a normal family but I'm not." Then, he looked at Huo Mian and continued to say, "Qin Chu probably told you what I do for a living."

"You're the head of America's largest gang," Huo Mian said calmly.

"Yes." Rick nodded.

"Isn't your brother in charge? Weren't you doing fine in China before?" Huo Mian was rather confused.

"That was before but three years ago, my brother got into a car accident and he's disabled now# He can only move in a wheelchair."

Huo Mian was shocked by the response.

"That's why you didn't look for Xixi over the last three years."

Huo Mian finally figured out the mystery she had been trying to solve for the past three years.

She spoke to Rick during the twin's one month birthday.

He seemed to understand what Huo Mian meant, and the latter assumed that Rick would go look for Xixi. She believed that two lovers who deeply loved each other would end up together.

It was such a pity#

Later, she heard that Xixi went to study abroad while Rick went back to the States. Since then, she didn't hear from them at all.

She felt it was rather strange but did not know what had happened. She also wondered why Rick would suddenly leave.

She finally found out that something serious had happened in Rick's family.

Rick gave out a sigh and said, "Three years ago, when I left your place, I wanted to go look for Xixi right away. However, I got a call from my family saying my brother got in a car accident. I left everything behind and came home to take care of my brother. Unfortunately, he did not recover and he is now disabled# I was the only one left to support my family# I couldn't bear to watch the work of generations crumble to pieces# If I didn't take over, I would also be wasting my brother's efforts#"

Then, Rick paused.

"So you have replaced your brother to become the new head of your family's mafia."

She had remembered the dark, deadly aura that Rick let emanated when he stepped out of the helicopter.

He shot the gangster to death without even a blink of an eye. Most likely, he had killed many over these years.

"Yes# I don't think I can bring happiness into Xixi's life# I don't even know if I will live until tomorrow#"

"You don't have to be so pessimistic..." Huo Mian suddenly began feeling a bit sorry for Rick.

Even though he seemed like an icy cold man, at his core, he was just a man that kept everything to himself.

"Huo Mian# I sent countless lives to hell# I don't care if they deserved it or not, in the end, I killed them# There's no turning back. I can't choose my family but Xixi can still choose her own future# She's only an ordinary girl. She graduated from university, went abroad to further her studies, and now she's back in China to work. She can find a boyfriend that loves her and they can get married and start a family. They can live a peaceful, happy life together. I can't give her any of these things#"

"So you're refusing to reach out to her because you love her, and you think that's for the best for her?" Huo Mian asked.