Chapter 1943: The Twins Went Missing (14)

"We need to do it to the full extent. Threatening is not enough# We have to figure out a way to push her to the brink of death."

Qin Ning was shocked, feeling as if lightning had struck her.

"Fine. You win. I won't tell Sis-in-Law but you guys better not say weird things to my dad."

Qin Ning's father, who was also Qin Chu's uncle, loved the twins.

He spoiled the twins as if they were little princesses. The twins also knew how to make him happy.

Therefore, if the twins said random things in front of her dad, she would be in big trouble.

"Deal." Pudding reached out her hand and Qin Ning clapped it.

Then Pudding asked, "So what do you think of us setting you up with Su Yu?"

"How are we here again?" Qin Ning was dumbfounded.

"Just tell us. At least then we'd know how you really think." Little Bean stuck her tongue out at Qin Ning.

"Honestly, I don't care. There's no way me and Su Yu would ever be together, so can you guys drop it?"

"Why is it impossible?" Pudding asked.

"Do you think you're not pretty enough for Handsome Su?" Little Bean asked.

"No# I've always thought of myself as fairly pretty# I don't think anyone's too good for me or whatsoever# I just think Su Yu and I don't know each other at all."

"This isn't a problem. We'll create opportunities for you two to get to know each other# As long as you go back to China and live with us at South Hill Manor, you will have plenty of opportunities to see him. Handsome Su visits us and take us out every week, we go golfing and stuff#"

"That's impossible. I have a job at the headquarters# Did your parents not tell you that I'm the CEO of GK's U.S. headquarters?"

"So what? GK has an affiliate in China too. It's just our family business. Mommy can be the president and you can still be the CEO#" Little Bean had figured everything out and she thought she was a genius.

"Uh# it's different. I grew up here and I like it here. All my friends are here# forget it, you guys won't understand. Hurry up and finish your bath so we can go to bed."

Qin Ning felt that the more she told her nieces about herself, the more she would be trapped in their world.

That was why she ended the conversation.

Qin Ning walked out to get towels for the twins.

Little Bean looked worriedly at her sister and said, "Do you think Auntie Qin likes Handsome Su or has our plan failed?"

"Don't worry# We just need to take it slowly. Auntie isn't easy to chase anyways," Pudding responded.

- China, Imperial Star Headquarters -

Su Yu just came out from a meeting with his company executives and was walking back to his office when he just received Pudding's video message.

He had expected the video to be some sort of prank from the twins.

Unexpectedly, it was Pudding's recording of Qin Ning and Qin Ning had said he looked handsome in the video.

This left Su Yu rather confused#

He was about to ask Pudding what was going on but realized it was night time in the states.

Therefore, he gave up on the idea of calling#

- New Orleans -

After dinner, the three of them sat and chatted for some time before going upstairs to rest.

When Qin Chu was showering, Huo Mian thought of something so she went downstairs.

Rick was still working on his laptop..


"Yes?" Rick turned around to face Huo Mian.

"Have you been in contact with Xixi at all for the past three years? No, right?" Huo Mian slowly asked.

"No." Rick's eyes fluttered a bit before he nodded.

"Before I came here, I saw her at the office. Xixi's back in China," Huo Mian said.

She paid close attention, and she noticed a small change on Rick's face.