Chapter 1937: The Twins Went Missing (8)

Everyone looked at Qin Chu.

"I need to call a friend so he can come to bail me out."

"Your friend? Is he Chinese as well?" the police officer asked in a mocking tone.

"Hmph# You'll find out when he comes," Qin Chu sneered.

"Officer. Let him call. Maybe he can afford a high bail amount," one of his subordinates recommended to the police officer in a low voice.

The police officer nodded.

Qin Chu took out his phone and dialed a number.

Then he said in an impatient tone, "I'm in California in a motel called Motor; it's 30 kilometers away from Auckland. Some police officers want to detain me. Come and bail me out."

"Detain you? Don't be silly#" the man on the other side of the phone laughed.

"I'm not. I'll give you half an hour. I don't care if you take a helicopter or your personal plane. Just come get me."

Then, Qin Chu hung up pridefully.

"Honey, are you calling Ning?" Huo Mian asked in a worried tone.

Qin Ning was with the twins, so Huo Mian actually didn't want Qin Ning to come and get them.

She didn't want to drag her beloved daughters into this mess.

"No, it's not Ning." Then, Qin Chu held onto Huo Mian's hand tightly.

Qin Chu gave that person half an hour but that person arrived in 19 minutes# in a helicopter...

The helicopter sound was so loud that it shook everyone in the building#

When the police officer saw who it was that got down of the helicopter, he was left dumbfounded.

"I'm not late, am I?" A man stepped out of the helicopter with many followers.

He was wearing a black coat. He hadn't aged at all these years.

When Huo Mian saw him, she was deeply moved.

She softly whispered his name, "Rick#"

"Mr. Rick# Why are you here?"

When everyone else saw Rick, they were astonished and also terrified.

Rick's family was America's largest gang# they were one of the most powerful figures in the country#

The police officers didn't dare to touch them.

"I heard you wanted to detain my friend?" Rick asked in a scoffing tone.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't know they were your friends."

"Are you stupid? You don't know that he's the boss of GK?" Rick pointed at Qin Chu.

The police officers were immediately petrified#

The few gangsters were so scared that they wanted to sneak away but were stopped by Rick's subordinates.

"You think it's that easy to get away with this?"

"Mr. Rick# We're extremely sorry# We didn't know#" The gangsters were so scared that they were going to wet themselves.

"God is the one to forgive and my mission is to send you guys to see God."

Then, Rick pulled out his gun and fired five shots# killing all five of the gangsters.

"That seemed unnecessary," Qin Chu said so calmly that it seemed like nothing had anything to do with him.

"Don't they deserve to die?" Rick asked Qin Chu back.

Huo Mian was so shocked because it was the first time she saw Rick actually kill someone. Moreover, he still joked around right after the fact.

"So# police officers. What have you witnessed?" Rick blew the smoke from the barrel of his gun.

The American police officers were so scared that their legs shivered.

"We# we saw nothing."

"Good. You can go now."

"Thank you, Mr. Rick."

The police officers almost wet themselves as they ran back to their police cars.

Rick slowly walked over to Huo Mian and looked at her with a gentle smile on his face.

"Huo Mian, it's been a while."