Chapter 1935: The Twins Went Missing (6)

Qin Chu immediately sensed Huo Mian's anxiety, and he put his hand on her back, trying to make her feel more comfortable.

Huo Mian looked up at Qin Chu and gave him a smile.

They were in a silent agreement.

Then, they heard loud laughter behind them.

Moreover, they heard people swearing in English. Huo Mian and Qin Chu both understood what they were saying.

Qin Chu's face immediately darkened#

Huo Mian was scared that Qin Chu would do something brash so she reminded him in a low voice, "Honey, I'm full. Let's go back to our room."

They were in another country, and she didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

They also didn't have their bodyguards with them. There were five of them, each one of them bigger than the last.

A smart person would not pick such a disadvantageous fight.

Although Huo Mian only ate half of her hamburger, she claimed she was full, grabbed onto Qin Chu's hand, and led the way out.

She wanted to go back to their room and avoid this unnecessary commotion.

Qin Chu seemed to understand Huo Mian's intentions. He didn't want her to worry so even though he wanted to do something, he still listened to Huo Mian and headed towards the exit with her.

When they passed by the young gangsters, one of them put out his feet to try to trip Huo Mian.

He said, "Yellow b*tch."

When Qin Chu heard this, he immediately let go of Huo Mian's hand and turned around to face the gangster.

He punched the white guy who tried to trip Huo Mian in the face.

The punch was so heavy that the young gangster immediately fell from his chair onto the floor.

The others all rose up immediately# and glared at Huo Mian and Qin Chu.

"Honey, stay behind me."

"No, I want to be by your side. I don't want to always be protected by you."

Huo Mian was worried that Qin Chu's old leg wound would act up and that was why she was willing to stand in front of Qin Chu, even if it meant that she might get hurt.

Qin Chu looked down at Huo Mian with tender eyes. "Honey, listen to me and stand behind me. It's only going to take a minute."

"Honey#" Huo Mian looked very worried.

"Trust your husband." Qin Chu looked at her with a gentle gaze.

Huo Mian finally gave in. She was scared that she would hold him back so she listened to him.

Although she was unwilling and incredibly worried about him, she knew that Qin Chu was a prideful person.

As expected, the young gangsters quickly charged towards them. The two black men were of extra strong build.

They knew how to be violent, but their movements were slow and clumsy.

Qin Chu's movements were clean and crisp, with no unnecessary movements. Huo Mian once saw Qin Chu fight when he saved her from abduction the other time.

She was confident in Qin Chu's abilities. Five pieces of trash weren't a match for him.

However, one of the black men suddenly grabbed a baseball bat from the side.

It was a heavy item. If he was hit, there would be serious consequences, especially if he was hit in the head.

"Honey, be careful#" Huo Mian shouted.

The gangster that had fallen to the ground slowly climbed up and went charging towards Huo Mian.

When Qin Chu saw this, he rushed over and grabbed the gangster by his collar.

Then, he threw another heavy punch, even heavier than the previous one.

The gangster felt dizzy, and it was as if he were able to see the stars in his eyes.

He collapsed onto the ground.

The restaurant owner was used to these fights, and he watched calmly as he cleaned glasses from behind the counter

It was as though he was watching a movie.

Huo Mian stood behind Qin Chu, extremely worried about him.

Qin Chu beat four of them to the ground but there was still one of them standing.

It was a tall, white man. He suddenly took out a gun and pointed it at Qin Chu.

Huo Mian's face immediately turned pale#

"You bastard# charge at me and I'll shoot you," the man shouted.

Qin Chu remained silent and stared stilly at the man.