Chapter 1933: The Twins Went Missing (4)

"I need to talk to you about something serious," Huo Mian said in all seriousness.

"What is it, Honey?"

"In our next lifetime, I want to be the man, and you should be the woman, and then, I will ask you to be my wife. Yeah?" Huo Mian smiled.


"Because you will definitely be a woman that's gentle and virtuous, who knows how to cook and do chores. Also, you would know how to blow dry hair! It will be great!" Huo Mian complimented Qin Chu.

"But# If I were a woman, I wouldn't marry you," Qin Chu said slowly.

"Why not?" Huo Mian asked immediately with a pout.

"Because you won't be hot enough," Qin Chu joked.

He thought Huo Mian would be mad, but instead, Huo Mian wrapped her arms in front of her chest and answered, "Is hotness really that important? Regardless of how pretty you are, what difference does it make once you turn off the lights?"

Qin Chu didn't know what to say. Since when did his precious little Mian become so dirty-minded?

Looks like he will need to have a good talk with Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling when they get back.

They were starting to have some bad influences on Huo Mian. It had only been four years, and now his innocent little Mian was becoming a dirty pervert.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Huo Mian tried to hold back a smile.

"Honey, you're so right." Qin Chu busily got back to bblow-dryingHuo Mian's hair.

Perhaps they had had a long day, or perhaps it was because it had been a while since she felt so relaxed, but Huo Mian fell into a deep sleep in Qin Chu's embrace.

Qin Chu's arm was becoming numb, but he didn't have the heart to make the slightest movement because he didn't want to wake Huo Mian up.

He observed her closely, close enough to see every single strand of her eyelashes.

Despite being able to hug her during sleep every night, and being able to be with her every day, it still didn't feel like it was enough.

He didn't want to go to sleep, because life passed by in every moment. If he were to sleep for a little bit, he would have ten seconds less of interaction with Huo Mian.

Qin Chu knew these thoughts were absurd, but they were still difficult to control.

Huo Mian had no idea the extent to which Qin Chu loved her.

- Next Morning -

The family spent the morning in the park after breakfast and took lots of beautiful photos.

That afternoon, Qin Ning and the bodyguards brought the twins and went straight back to Qin Ning's father's mansion, while Qin Chu drove a navy-colored Ferrari and went on a road trip with Huo Mian to tour California.

On the way, Huo Mian watched the landscapes and beautiful views excitedly like a child.

The views in America didn't vary like that of China, but each place felt magical and different.

Especially in the quiet suburbs, where large houses and gardens resided. Your feelings become lighter as you look afar, and all you can see is the green grass.

Under the sunset, Qin Chu turned on the radio, and a familiar song began playing 每 Hotel California.

The familiar tune echoed through the car. Combined with the fast-moving car, Huo Mian never felt calmer and more content.

Letting go of her usual conservative self, she stood up, opened her arms and embraced the sunset and the wind.

As she listened to the nostalgic "Hotel California", Huo Mian felt a rush of emotions and almost started weeping.

"Honey, you look emotional. What's on your mind?" Qin Chu asked, although he knew her answer.