Chapter 1930: The Twins Went Missing (1)

Zhu Lingling: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Who is this?? Looking so smug!"

Jiang Xiaowei: "Ohhhh, looks like someone is publicly displaying affection again! Aren't you guys a little too old for this?"

Jing Zhixin: "Sis, can you bring me next time? It's hard enough that I'm working after hours, but now I have to watch you have fun without me!"

Ni Yang: "My sis is the prettiest, look at that natural smile! But I am surprised that President Qin smiled, it's a rare sight to see."

Zhixin replied to Ni Yang, "Sure is, my bro-in-law would only smile tenderly to my sis."

Bella: "President Qin, President Huo, I will swallow this dog food with tears in my eyes." (TL note: in Chinese culture, single people like to call themselves single dogs. Therefore, when lovers PDA, they are considered distributing dog food to those that are single)

Chen Jie: "Chief, you're looking well!"

Gao Ran: "Mr. Qin's hand placement is incorrect, it should be placed on Huo Mian's chest to show greater affection."

Zhu Lingling replied to Gao Ran, "Is this something that a policeman should say? So vulgar!

Gao Ran replied to Zhu Lingling, "I'm sorry, wifey, please tell me what to say."

Zhu Lingling replied to Gao Ran, "You should say, Mr. Qin's hand should slip directly into Mian's dress."

Gao Ran replied to Zhu Lingling, "Oh my gosh, you're a true veteran, so dirty."

Huo Mian replied to Zhu Lingling, "Hey, you, upstairs! Come down. I promise not to beat you to death."

Tang Chuan: "Don't really think it's a good match. Huo Mian looks better with Su Yu. Lol."

Huo Mian replied to Tang Chuan, "Mr. Tang, did you forget to take your meds today?"

Su Yu: "There's no Little Bean and Pudding, I'm leaving a thumbs down."

Huo Mian replied to Su Yu, "We will not be accepting thumbs downs, thank you very much."

"Honey, what are you laughing at?" Qin Chu watched Huo Mian giggle at her phone.

"Everyone is commenting on my post, it's a little hectic."

"Are they complimenting you?" Qin Chu asked.

"How did you know?"

"Are they complimenting you and saying, Huo Mian, your husband is so handsome?"

Huo Mian was speechless.

"Mr. Qin, you better hide your self-obsession!" Huo Mian smiled at his joke.

After arriving in the park, Huo Mian was having even more fun than the kids. She was happily trying everything, including the merry-go-round. Huo Mian and the kids each picked out a horse as Qin Chu was responsible for filming this rather heartwarming scene.

After three hours of fun, the twins were having difficulty keeping up.

Qin Ning brought them to a public square near an ice cream shop to rest.

Suddenly, an old man with colorful balloons showed up at the square. He had a long white beard and wore a very simple outfit. But most importantly, he had beautifully crafted balloons that were twisted into different shapes to resemble little animals that were almost lifelike.

"Wow, those balloons are so cute!" Little Bean exclaimed, grasping the attention of Pudding, who also looked over.

Other children were also starting to take notice and began crowding around the balloon stand to make a purchase.

The twins watched the stand with all their focus.

"Do you guys like these balloons? I will go buy some for you guys." Qin Ning got up and walked over, but only came back with empty hands.

"What's wrong? Were the balloons too expensive?" Huo Mian asked.

Qin Ning shook her head, "No, the old man isn't selling the balloons. He says the children need to go and get it themselves."

"Really? That's kind of odd," Huo Mian pondered.

"Wow! Is that grandpa giving the balloons out for free? How generous of him! I want the one that looks like Bambi, I'm going to give it to Lu when I get home," said Little Bean.

"Brother Lu?" Huo Mian asked, confused.

"He's a celebrity, she became obsessed with him after watching a reality show," Pudding explained helplessly.

Huo Mian was speechless for a moment, but turned around and looked at Qin Chu. "Honey, what should we do?"

Qiu Chu furrowed his brow, "It might be a trap, we better be careful."