Chapter 1929: The Family of Four’s Trip to the United States (10)

Professor Lu slowed down his steps#

"Mian# is here?"

"Yes. She came with the twins and her husband. Young Madam just called with the news but seeing you were in the lab, I didn't dare disturb you# So I'm just relaying what she said to you now."

"Pudding and Little Bean came as well#"Professor Lu's gaze became filled with warmth.

"Yes, they will arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow and go to Disneyland. Young Madam Yan's news should be quite accurate."

"Forget it# I shouldn't do anything reckless. If I get caught after hiding for so many years, it'll be disastrous. Yan and I have gotten used to it, but what would happen to Mian and the children?"

Professor Lu clenched his teeth and finally decided that it would be best to not meet up with his daughter and grandchildren.

- Early the next morning -

Qin Chu, Huo Mian, Qin Ning, and the twins flew straight to Los Angeles.

Since Huo Mian was a big fan of Disney, so were the twins.

Even Pudding, who is usually quite reserved, began to look around in curiosity upon entering the park.

"Wow# Sis, it's so beautiful here," Little Bean exclaimed.

"Daddy, we want to have a good time, so let's not be in a hurry to leave, okay? I heard there are fireworks at night." Little Bean looked at Qin Chu, slightly worried.

"Okay, we won't be in a hurry. You guys can stay as long as you want and we can just stay at a hotel in Disneyland tonight."

"Oh yeah! That's awesome. Daddy, I love you." Little Bean held onto her dad's leg as she began to butter him up.

Qin Ning laughed. "Big Brother# your daughter is really something. By opening her mouth, she can persuade anyone. Once she grows up, she'll definitely be a character."

"What about me, Auntie?" Hearing Qin Ning praised Little Bean, Pudding didn't want to lose to her.

"Haha# You are even more amazing. Not only are you really pretty, you also know everything about anything. I'm completely impressed by you."

Even now, Qin Ning wasn't aware that the seemingly unintentional video calls she had with Su Yu were actually Pudding's well thought out plan.

She only thought Pudding was mature but didn't realize how smart she was#

Huo Mian was a fan of Disney, but this was her first time visiting a park.

Therefore, after entering, she couldn't be bothered to take care of her daughters.

Like a little girl, she pulled on Qin Chu's hand and began taking selfies.

"Darling, come quick. Let's take a selfie together," Huo Mian excitedly said while holding her phone.

"Mommy, what about us?" Little Bean looked wronged.

"Ask Auntie Qin to take a photo for you."

"Sis# I think Mommy has gone crazy# She has already forgotten about our existences. Even when taking pictures, she doesn't want us to be included."

"Mommy is trying to relive her youth," Pudding replied.

"Haha, I'll take pictures for you." Qin Ning picked up her cell phone and began snapping like crazy.

Huo Mian took her photo and edited it slightly before posting it in her WeChat friend circle.

Like a blessed child, she boasted that she had finally arrived at this magical place. How beautiful.

The photo she uploaded was a selfie of her and Mr. Qin. A handsome man and a beautiful woman; it was extremely eye-catching.

Qin Chu had put his arm around Huo Mian and his face was intimately placed next to hers. On his face was a rare smile.

The funny thing was that, Huo Mian was wearing a Mickey Mouse hair clip in her hair, looking unbelievably cute.